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Grocery E-Commerce Store



B2B & B2C E-Commerce

Shoperbarn is a web-based Retail & E-Commerce solution. An easy way for the customer to order products in bulk is with this Grocery E-Commerce Store. Meaningful categorization and smooth design for a hassle-free shopping experience.

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Conversion Optimized

A web solution to export and import products in bulk with easy and user-friendly design features.

Multiple product

options &

Bulk Bundling

  • Improved Conversion rates
  • Complete user-oriented store handling features
  • Easily manageable order tracking & checkout options

Main Features

Useful Design Features

  • Responsive design themes
  • Easily customizable website
  • Easily highlight products and features by carousel on the homepage
  • Compatibility with multiple web browsers

Multiple Image Usability

  • Upload multiple photos through browser or website
  • Instant photo zooming
  • Automatic creation of Thumbnail photos for product pages
  • Text and meta description for photos to make them SEO friendly

Useful Options For Orders & Checkout

  • Add to cart functionality with suggestive cart popups
  • Order confirmation emails and messaging system for tracking
  • Customized order numbers
  • Shipping quote estimates and provision for guest checkout

Optimum Product Features & Tax Rate Setting

  • Various options to configure and categorize products, like color, brand, size, etc.
  • Unique images and SKUs for products
  • Multiple classes of taxes, support for selling locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Tax zones based on city and state. Flexible tax rules and flow.

Admin Features

Robust Inventory Management

  • Attach unique SKUs with each product
  • Manage low stock levels
  • Configure display options for products based on size, color, etc.
  • Categorize products and manage them easily
  • Track inventory for better handling

Top Store Design Features

  • User-friendly web-based control panel
  • Dozens of image uploading at once
  • Easily edit website text using mouse
  • Leverage multi-level category flyout menus

Tax Rates & Settings

  • Configure unlimited tax rates and zones
  • Tax rates display in stores and invoices
  • Easy tax flow and price calculation inclusive/exclusive of tax from backend

Import/Export Options

  • Bulk export/import of product items
  • Bulk export product to CSV/XML files

Conversion optimized

Most amazing web-based solution for the audience to order their favorite products in bulk!

Better E-Commerce Store Experience

Carefully manageable product bundling and inventory management options

Optimum and customer-oriented design features

Option to upload CSV files for bundle product orders.

Browser Readiness

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