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Engagement increases by over 137% when brands introduce PWA to their customers.

Many popular across-industry brands are investing in the PWAs to derive higher retention The reason is that Progressive Web Apps (or PWAs) enable users/customers to access all the native-like mobile app features without downloading from digital stores. On top of that, PWAs consume less space and work offline as well.

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How a PWA can Benefit your Business


PWA is an economical solution for any business. All your development team or your technical solution partner has to do is write a single codebase that could be used to render both—a website and a PWA.
Thus, reducing developmental costs by a great margin.

Native Like Experience

If your wondering that building a PWA is not going to render the same experience as a native app, then you are wrong!
In fact, building a PWA for your business will not only give a native-like experience but with the reachability of the web.

Increased Return On Investment

PWA is much easier to install and access given due to its small size—which leads to increased user engagement. The reduced developmental costs and increased customer engagement rates together lead to an increase in the overall return on Investments to your business.

Reach A Larger Set Of Audience

Low to no network functionality, easy downloads, no-third party app aggregators—all these features of a PWA make it more accessible and hence increases the chance of it being able to reach a larger set of audience.

Functionality In Low Connectivity Areas

Another great way your business can benefit from Progressive Web App is that PWAs can also function in slower to no network connectivity areas. Since PWAs are built using the App Shell model, your customers would be able to avail of your digital services even in offline/low-network connectivity mode.

Increase Cross-Platform Engagement Rates

PWAs are developed with a single code base which gives them cross-platform functionality. Hence, PWAs are compatible with multiple screen types and devices.

No Need For App Aggregators

As a business owner, your customers can download your PWA directly from the browser, which cuts out the cumbersome hassle of being dependent on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, or App Stores.

How We Add Value to Your Business

Responsive Web App Design

We build robust and responsive web apps that allow seamless interaction of your customer with your digital product and services.

Secure Logics and Data Migration

We build ultra-secure business logics and frameworks that make sure that your and your customer’s data remains secure. Not only this, but when we build PWA for your business, we also ensure security and seamless migration of data across browsers.


We are not only your technology partner; we are also your partner in growth. This means our digital solutions are there to help and adapt to your business’ growth needs.

Intuitive Navigation

Our team of experienced designers and developers together build seamless and intuitive navigation solutions for your PWAs.


UI/UX dictates the way your customers perceive your digital product. We curate industry-specific digital solutions for your business that will leave a long-lasting impression on your customers and user base.

Cross Platform Optimisation

No matter the device or the screen size, our PWA solutions make your digital services and products available across devices, platforms, and screen sizes.

Stable Performance

Keeping check of your platform's performance is key to ensuring that the platform’s performance is consistent and stable across devices. When you choose us to be your technology solutions partner, we constantly keep check of your platform’s performance.

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Essential Technologies that make PWA

Service Workers

Service Worker's APIs help in building the App Shell Architecture of the PWA, which helps them run even in low-network/no-network areas.

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Web App Manifest

Web App Manifest is a type of JSON file that stores the name of the PWA, links (to images and app icons), URL to open and launch the PWA, configuration data, default settings, and display mode settings, aka the metadata of the PWA.

Web Assembly

Using this performance enhancement algorithm makes your PWA compatible with an array of programming languages. Web Assembly Algorithm enables the PWA to function like a native app.

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