We develop custom software for healthcare entities, enhancing patient experiences and optimizing costs. Our medical app solutions streamline workflows, engage patients, and tackle daily care challenges.

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Medical App Development Services: Making Health Tech Simple

At NetMaxims, we specialize in simplifying health tech. Our seasoned healthcare app developers craft high-performance web and mobile apps, covering everything from patient records and medical billing to fitness tracking and hospital workflows. Every app we create prioritizes user-friendliness, security, and full HIPAA compliance, ensuring they empower doctors, hospitals, and patients. Whether you represent a leading pharma company, a local clinic, or a healthcare entity, consider us your trusted go-to tech partner.

Our mHealth solutions, tailored for clinics and medical startups, are crafted from a deep understanding of all stakeholders in the healthcare industry. We prioritize simplicity, avoiding complexity, to deliver powerful tools tailored to your needs. Connect with NetMaxims, and let's make health tech straightforward and effective together.

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Custom Healthcare Software Solutions for Patients and Doctors, We Develop

Combining industry-leading technologies with our extensive experience, we deliver premier web and mobile-based healthcare app solutions for doctors, hospitals, and patients.

    Patient-centered Apps

    • Telemedicine & Telehealth Application
    • Patient Engagement Application
    • Doctor’s Appointment Scheduling System
    • Mental Health Application
    • Chronic Disease Management App
    • Medication Reminder App
    • Patient Portal Software
    • Digital Therapeutics Software

    Apps For Medical Professionals

    • Remote Patient Monitoring App
    • Clinical Decision Support Software
    • Medical Diagnostic App
    • Patient Database Management App
    • Medical Imaging Software
    • Medical Device Management Software
    • E-Prescribing Application
    • Patient Education Platforms

    Apps For Healthcare Providers

    • Hospital Management System
    • Lab Management System
    • Prescription Management Software
    • HIPAA Compliance Application
    • Medical Billing Software
    • Healthcare Staffing Software
    • Hospital Inventory Management Software
    • Custom EHR/EMR Software
    • Healthcare Assets Tracking Software

Case Study - Oncology

A VR app that makes Radiation Therapy treatment more accurate and calmer for both radiologists and patients.

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Custom Healthcare Software Development

    Healthcare App Consulting

    Our healthcare app consulting service equips you with the knowledge to traverse the complex realm of healthcare app creation. We collaborate with you to define your app's objectives, characteristics, and capabilities, laying out a blueprint for effective deployment. Moreover, our specialists guide you toward the most recent technological advances and essential security standards.

    Custom Mobile App Development

    We specialize in developing top-notch mHealth apps for medical equipment, smartphones, wearables, and other devices. At NetMaxims, our app developers focus on designing applications that elevate patient care and furnish healthcare professionals with precise and real-time data. Our medical app developers use the latest technologies to create user-friendly and efficient health and fitness apps.

    App UI/UX Design

    We build medical and hospital apps that stand out in the modern competitive market. We work closely with you to create a visually stunning interface that elevates app quality and user engagement. Our healthcare app UI/UX designer utilizes the latest design trends to ensure your app is interactive and easy to navigate, resulting in a seamless and user-friendly app.

    Security and Compliance

    Through our security and compliance services, we ensure that your healthcare mobile app aligns with industry standards such as HIPAA. Safeguarding patient data's security and privacy is our top priority, ensuring your application meets all requisite guidelines. Our experts will thoroughly audit your app, offering enhancement recommendations and certifying consistent data security.

    App Migration

    Our app migration services offer a seamless transition to a new platform. We ensure a safe and effective migration without compromising data. Whether you're switching from a native iOS/Android to effective cross-platform technologies, our custom mhealth app development process ensures your app remains fully functional during migration.

    Maintenance & Support

    We offer complete assistance with code management, security, compliance, performance, and application infrastructure, ensuring optimal monitoring of healthcare apps. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we ensure uninterrupted support to intensify your app's performance and provide a seamless user experience.

Data Security: Our Utmost Priority
For Your Healthcare App

We prioritize patient and hospital data security as one of our top concerns. We understand the sensitivity and confidentiality of healthcare data and take extensive measures to ensure its protection throughout our mHealth app development process.

  • HIPAA Compliance With Regulations

    We adhere to industry-standard regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to safeguard patient data and ensure privacy and data security in digital healthcare platforms.

  • Secure Development Infrastructure

    Our clinical app development infrastructure is built on secure platforms and frameworks, We employ advanced data encryption and security methodologies in healthcare apps, stringent security protocols, sophisticated firewalls, and cutting-edge intrusion detection systems.

  • Strong Authentication And Access Controls

    To safeguard the integrity of our healthcare application, we employ advanced multi-factor authentication mechanisms and granular access controls, ensuring only authorized individuals can gain access and layered security approach, enabling precise permissions and limiting access to sensitive patient data.

  • Encryption of Data In Transit And Storage

    To guarantee the utmost protection of data, both when it's moving across networks and when stored, we utilize industry-leading data encryption standards such as SSL/TLS. We're deeply committed to upholding data integrity and trust in our operations.

  • Regular Security Audits And Testing

    We conduct frequent security audits and advanced penetration testing to identify and address vulnerabilities, fortifying our medical database systems against potential threats and bolstering overall cybersecurity resilience.

  • Data Backup And Disaster Recovery

    To ensure the resilience and continuity of critical healthcare data, We implement robust and advanced data backup solutions paired with cutting-edge disaster recovery strategies. This framework ensures that critical healthcare data remains secure and readily restorable, even in unexpected disruptions.

  • Secure Third-Party Integrations

    We thoroughly vet and evaluate the providers' security measures and compliance standards if third-party integrations are required. We ensure they align with our stringent security requirements to maintain data integrity.

  • Ongoing Security Updates And Maintenance

    We remain proactive in monitoring security trends and vulnerabilities and regularly update our app with security patches and fixes. This ensures that our hospital applications remain resilient against emerging threats and vulnerabilities.

  • Privacy Policy And Data Consent

    Our transparent privacy policy outlines how we handle and protect user data. We seek explicit consent from users regarding data collection, storage, and usage, ensuring that they have control over their personal information.

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