Streamline your cleaning business with our all-in-one Cleaning Business Management Software Application to manage invoicing, scheduling, jobs, and client communication effortlessly.

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Manage Your Cleaning Business Operations With Customized Cleaning App Solution.

Several challenges can be encountered while operating in the industry. Firstly, attracting and retaining a consistent customer base is a significant challenge. Managing operational logistics efficiently is vital. Handling multiple cleaning projects simultaneously, maintaining tight schedules, and coordinating with clients can be complex and demanding.

Streamline your cleaning business operations with our integrated cleaning management software. From service requests to real-time job tracking, our platform covers every aspect seamlessly. Our mobile app lets crews access job details and schedules on the go. With digital invoicing, automatic payments, and in-person payment options, transactions are smooth. Elevate your workflow and boost client satisfaction with our all-in-one cleaning solution.


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Our Customized Cleaning Business
Software Solution for All Business Operations.

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Essential Features Of Cleaning App Solution

Tailored Features To
Eliminate Bloat And Overcomplication


  • Check Icon Service Booking
  • Check Icon Real-time Job Tracking
  • Check Icon Secure Payments
  • Check Icon Ratings and Reviews
  • Check Icon Customizable Cleaning Plans
  • Check Icon Rescheduling and Cancellation


  • Check Icon CRM
  • Check Icon Add markups to see profit and loss
  • Check Icon Team Management
  • Check Icon New Booking Alerts
  • Check Icon Multi-branch / location management
  • Check Icon Live GPS tracking
  • Check Icon Auto Follow up
  • Check Icon Payroll software integration
  • Check Icon Manage inventory
  • Check Icon Automated Welcome Email when Customers book
  • Check Icon Automatic Daily Schedule Sent to Teams


  • Check Icon Job Info (location, notes, media & files)
  • Check Icon Task Assignment and Tracking
  • Check Icon GPS Tracking and Check-In/Check-Out
  • Check Icon Performance Metrics
  • Check Icon Training and Resources
  • Check Icon Alerts and Notifications

Transform Your Cleaning App with Emerging Tech Integration.

We offer services to integrate AI into your cleaning business app. Partner with us to make your application future-ready with these advanced technological integrations. Embrace the new era of cleaning management with our expertise.

Streamline Your Operations and Elevate Your Services. Custom Solutions Await

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Customized Cleaning Business App
The Better Choice over Off-the-Shelf Apps

We Listen To Your Business Story

We are not selling mobile app solutions to every business. Think of us as dedicated craftsmen who build technology solutions for your cleaning business. While our bespoke approach might take longer, the tailored results speak for themselves in quality and efficiency.

We End Choice Paralysis

Tired of navigating those confusing pricing models of generic cleaning business apps? Moreover, canceling them is a frustrating experience. As a result, businesses pay more than they anticipated. Get rid of all these manipulations. With our pricing model, you pay us once for all the needed features. Yes, it’s this simple.

Your Data, Your Property

Data is the new currency. Companies are unabashed in the use of your customer and team data. We prioritize data privacy and security, ensuring that our applications are hosted on your preferred cloud platform keeping your information as clean as the spaces you maintain.

Scale Without Additional Costs

With most cleaning apps available, your monthly subscription cost rises when you expand your team. As high as $30 per month is charged for each new member. There are no such restrictions with our bespoke applications. Whether you have a team size of 5 or 500, you get the same seamless performance.

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