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A Game-Changing Solution for Online Commerce

Every shopper has one thing in common—they want to try a product before purchasing. And the eCommerce platforms, despite offering novel and exclusive shopping experiences, have not been able to lower their return rates substantially. However, the exponential growth in the augmented reality technology allows for developing a hyper-realistic digital fitting environment for trying out products.

Build 3D try-on apps with our augmented reality development services. Craft personalized shopping experience for wide range of products - clothing, glasses, shoes, furniture, and more.

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Platforms where Virtual Try-On Technology
can be embedded

Mobile App

By integrating virtual try-on technology into mobile apps, users can easily access the try-on feature on their smartphones or tablets. The app utilizes the device's camera and sensors to enable real-time virtual try-on experiences.

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Virtual try-on technology can also be incorporated into websites, allowing users to access the feature directly through their web browsers. Users can upload images or use their device`'s camera to visualize how products will look on them.

In-store Virtual Mirrors

Virtual try-on can enhance the in-store shopping experience by utilizing dedicated devices like virtual mirrors. These devices are equipped with cameras and screens that enable users to virtually try on products within the physical store environment.

Benefits of Virtual Try-On
for your Business

Virtual try mobile
Increase Sales

Try-On apps gives a better indication to the shopper regarding the product they wish to buy. Enabling them to visualize how the product would actually look increases their chances of buying the product. Thus, boosting sales.

Accurate Size Recommendations

Virtual try-on provides accurate size recommendations by allowing users to virtually try on products, ensuring a better fit and reducing the need for returns or exchanges.

Reduced Number of Returns

Try-On platforms allows customers to buy after virtually trying and experiencing the product, they are less likely to return the product.

Reduced Costs

Since implementing the Virtual Try-On technology reduces the chances of customers returning the bought product, it automatically cut the costs that the seller has to incur, like free package pick-up.

Better Customer Experience

Virtual Try-On enables customers to have a hassle-free experience which enhances the overall quality of their experience.

First Mover Advantage

This immersive technology solution still needs to be explored in an array of industries. Hence, many businesses can build their own Virtual Try-On solution and reap the benefits of first mover advantage (in their industry).

Virtual Try-On Simulators We Can Build For you

    An AR experience where customers can try on different hair color shades within a few seconds.


With this AR app, you can experiment with different hair
colors and find out in real-time what hair color will
look best on you.

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Try-on Development: Crucial Steps
for Virtual Perfection

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User Interface is all about the look and feel of the Virtual Try-On Solutions. Some significant aspects of an enriching User Interface are typography, aesthetics, color scheme, graphics, micro-animations, etc. These features are inherently reflective of the business' vision and values it stands for.

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