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Progressive Web Apps (PWAs): Top Examples

By: Taru M. Taru M.
03 Aug, 2021

High-performance applications are critical to every online Business’s success and profitability.

As a result, websites throughout the industry adopt a new standard known as Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to boost their efficiency.

PWA technology, which Google backs, has increased conversion rates by over 36% in some firms.

PWAs are desktop-like websites. Mobile applications with equivalent functionalities are faster and lighter on a mobile phone.

However, here the app store does not need to be installed.

This list of notable Progressive Web Apps Examples will help you understand the differences between PWA and ordinary websites.

Top Examples Of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) 

1. Jumia


3. Twitter

4. Sports Mole

5. Uber

6. Pure Formulas

7. Wego

8. Spotify

Criteria of Features For Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) 

9 Top features of Progressive web applications (PWAs)


Many top web apps/ well-known companies make use of sophisticated web applications. Jumia, Wego, Spotify, Pure Formulas, and Twitter are just a few PWA examples. PWA was implemented on the sites boosted re-engagement, speed, and conversions.


PWAs have a few key characteristics that set them apart from traditional web apps (PWAs) deliver:


  • Push notifications
  • Background updates
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • User contact access
  • Speech recognition
  • Offline and low connectivity modes
  • Geolocation access
  • AR/VR object projection
  • Capture media using the camera


As a result, PWAs are entirely interoperable with all browsers, regardless of screen size or conditions, and with any device. Users using mobile and tablet devices will get the same experience. You may use it on PCs if necessary without any issues.

Successful Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Examples

Here are the Top PWA eCommerce Examples from 2021:  


Jumia Progressive web app is the leading & prominent eCommerce website in Africa. Because of low-end phones with data limitations, most phones worked on 2G in Africa. It is hard to load up the website fast, which could hurt the conversion and drop the sales by a large number.


So Jumia decided to transit to the progressive web app to speed up things and make it easy to load and navigate. With the help of PWA, they optimized their website better, and it helped them increase their conversion rate and sales.


Now you know why Jumia put so much time & effort into choosing PWA for their website because it is fast and lightweight.


-With Progressive Web Apps:


  • Data usage five times lower;
  • An increase of 33% in conversion rate
  • 50% lower bounce rate
  • 12X more users before using PWA progressive web app is a well-known housing service company. Thanks to the website, consumers will have an easier time finding a place to live, whether for rent or purchase, over 35 major Indian cities to choose from. The majority of their target audience uses low-end cellphones on 2G or 3G networks to access them. attempted to resolve the issue with its website loading. You’ve learned that even minor improvements in page load time may significantly improve their conversion rate.


As a result, they decided to create a PWA with progressive web app development services to enrich its user experience. It allowed users to browse a faster mobile Web with less info while also increasing user participation.


-With Progressive Web Apps:


  • Conversions 38% higher
  • Average session 10 per cent longer
  • The lower bounce rate of 40 per cent
  • In all, the loading time of the page improved 30 per cent faster


Twitter pwa examples


Twitter’s Progressive Web Application, Twitter Lite, was released as the default mobile web experience. With more than 80% of its users using mobile devices, Twitter sought to improve its mobile web experience by making it more appealing and fast, especially because many of its users were in areas with slow or unreliable Internet connections.


Twitter Lite is the best among PWA web app examples for loading websites quickly and removing data by caching photos and data. It allows consumers to add PWA to their home screens and sends critical push notifications.


-With Progressive Web Apps:


  • The bounce rate dropped by 20%
  • Each session’s page count grew by 65%
  • The total number of Tweets sent grew by 75%

Sports Mole

Sports mole progressive web app examples


Sports Mole is an online sports magazine covering all the latest breaking sports news and live coverage 24/7. Because of so many updates every minute in the sports industry, the website must function without lag and load fast. PWA is perfect for sports website development like sports mole.


-With Progressive Web Apps:


  • Page loads up pretty fast, even on 3G speed.
  • No lag in page transitions due to network conditions


Uber pwa


Our list of best examples of web apps continues with Uber. Customers found it difficult to use their app regardless of device, location, browser, or internet connection as it expanded to global markets.


With its flexible and comprehensive features, Uber chose to employ progressive web apps to make them run well on both desktop and mobile. Uber’s PWA is compatible with all modern browsers and provides an app-like experience, even if the native passenger customer on low-end devices does not support it.


-With Progressive Web Apps:


  • Compatible with low-end devices
  • An extremely light web application
  • On 2G networks, the core ride request app is only 50KB and loads in 3 seconds.
  • Convenient access to riding offline

Pure Formulas

Pure formulas


Pure Formulas is a well known leading brand in the US helping their customers in the online health and supplement field. It experienced the nightmare of eCommerce with high cart abandonment rates, slow page speed loading and a higher percentage of checkout drop in the past.


After transitioning to PWA, PWA experienced a 20% boost in conversion and a 10% increase in order value on their platform, which helps a lot in expanding their Business.


-With Progressive Web Apps:


  • It gives users a native-like experience
  • All users got benefitted from a high-performance solution
  • It used a tiny amount of bandwidth
  • 20% rise in revenue
  • 23% jump with Revenue-Per-Visit in Two Months


Wego progressive web application


Wego is a travel marketplace in Asia and the Middle east delivering smooth user experiences with their instant page load thanks to PWA. It is a comparing website that compares travel costs from hundreds of global clients, including airlines, hotels and travel suppliers.


With so much collective data, This needed something fast and reliable for their Business to choose PWA. The company successfully harnessed the power of PWA while creating a smooth transition from their old AMP Design.


-With Progressive Web Apps:


  • The Load time for new users becomes 1.6s, and under 1s for returning one.
  • It experienced a 95% increase in conversions with a 26% increase in visitors with PWA.


Spotify Progressive web applications


Spotify is a global media service that gives you access to millions of songs and podcasts in various languages. Spotify’s PWA version is much faster than the original application. The goal of this PWA launch was to enlist new customers who will upgrade to premium after experiencing Spotify’s excellent free service.


-With Progressive Web Apps:


  • Visually appealing
  • More responsive and adaptable
  • A 45 per cent rise in desktop users
  • The average monthly listening hours increased by 40%
  • The number of monthly active users increased by 30%
  • Animations in the app got improved



People are becoming more explicit about their desires as technology advances. All of the Progressive Web Apps Examples mentioned above from top web apps indicate that PWAs may be a great way to improve your company’s digital online presentation by allowing for faster loading, less data usage, and no downloads while yet seeming like an app.


Progressive web apps have numerous advantages, and there is no doubt that this type of development will become even more popular in the following years.PWA looks to be the future of mobile app distribution, allowing mobile apps to reach even more users. Progressive web app development might drain a vast quantity of resources if it isn’t done correctly. However, with a reliable partner providing web app development services, a project’s success is one step closer.


If you’re looking for a faster and better way to join the market, choosing the right progressive web app development company is the only solution. They will help create top progressive web apps speedy, immersive, consistent, and about 3X faster than native apps.


There are no doubts in the fact that there are hundreds of reasons that progressive web apps are handy as many million dollars companies are using them for their Business. To know the top reasons to choose advanced web applications and to know how they are different from other prominent responsive web apps, you can read this another article.

Taru M. Author
Taru M.

For over 18 years, Taru M. is a successful technology entrepreneur by profession and a tech enthusiast by spirit. She takes pride in offering expertise in her domain to business people's success across the globe. As a business woman and technology expert, she manages to keep her balance along with her family responsibilities. She did her masters in computers, and her work delivery shows the expertise of her education. Connect with her via Linkedin profile to know more about her exciting personality

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