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How To Develop An iOS App: Easy Step-by-Step Guide

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 17 Mar, 2022

Develop an iOS app with this easy step by step guide composed by an expert iOS developer, especially for you. Since 2008 when Apple started the app store, there were only 500 apps, and today there are almost 2 million applications available on the Apple apps store for download.

The first thing is always to have a great idea. An app idea necessarily may not be new but should be exciting. With so many apps already developed and existing, you can focus on the apps you frequently use and miss a feature that could have made it excellent. If you reinvent the wheel, that can also assure success in the iOS app development services, and it all depends on the objective you are catering to via your app.

This article will share a straightforward iOS app development tutorial for you to develop an iOS app.

Prerequisites To Develop An iOS App


A Mac System

To develop an iOS App, you should work on Mac, and your machine must have the best Intel processor with the latest version of Mac OS. It would be best to work on the latest Mac OS version, or you may get a Mac Mini. After getting the Mac Mini just connect it with your monitor screen. Mac mini comes with a 3.0 GHz Core i5 processor.

If you do not have a Mac, you are stuck wondering how to develop an iOS app on Windows. Use the virtualization software by downloading VMware or VirtualBox to give you access to Mac OS. Then, you can continue to develop an iOS app even without a Mac machine.


Developer’s account

The next crucial step is to get a developer account access to develop an iOS app, so visit Apple’s developer website and join the Apple Developer Program. Hereafter, logging in, you can create an Apple ID.


Setting up Xcode

Mobile app development services require proper tools and environment to develop mobile applications whether android or iOS.

To develop iOS applications, Xcode is the integrated development environment you would require. You will find the framework, compilers, tools, and iOS Software development kit in Xcode.

Step 1: To install Xcode, you first need to launch the Mac App Store, which you will find in the dock. You are not using the latest OS if you can’t find the Mac App Store icon. Hence you need to upgrade your operating system if you cannot locate the Mac App Store icon.

Step 2: On locating Xcode in the Mac App Store, click on the button to start downloading. After the download, you can see the Xcode folder on the launchpad.

Step 3: Go ahead and set up the Xcode after that.

Step 4: Launch the program to start a new app development project.

You are all set for the necessary tools and environment to design the user interface and start the software development.

Understanding And Reviewing Apple’s Guidelines

To develop an iOS app, the primary point of concern is following and adhering the Apple’s guidelines. Apple company double proofs the content served to their customers and ensured high-quality standards by laying out strict guidelines. You cannot submit it in the app store unless your app follows these.

Let’s understand the requirements of Apple company regarding the guidelines of Application development. Reviewing these directions before starting the actual development work is essential to minimize errors.

Design & Interface Guidelines –

  • Apple prefers clean and unique designs for its applications. More than a million Apple apps are available in the App Store, and iPhone and Mac users love the quality, so if you want your app to be popular, ensure it has an innovative & smooth design.
  • The three main criteria for the Apple interface are Clarity in Text, Icons, and adornments. These elements should be able to complement the functionality of the design.
  • Deference means the way you represent the content. Make sure your interface is light and priority content matters.
  • Depth in the overall experience by putting distinct visual, touch, and transitions.
  • Ensure you have developed and tested the app a couple of times to ensure smooth performance before submitting the in-app store, as Apple expects no bugs and troubles.

Content Guidelines –

  • Offensive, upsetting, threatening content is not allowed. Apple ensures the safety of its customers seriously, and hence your app is removed if such content is inappropriate.
  • If your app contains the business model, you need to explain the concept in detail and review notes.
  • Understand and follow the legal requirements of Apple for an app before you develop an iOS app.

Though it is a little tricky to get everything perfect in one go for any iOS developer, reviewing these guidelines can minimize the chances of errors.

Developers often face app rejection after the submission due to bugs, crashes, placeholder content and broken links. Make sure to avoid such errors.

iOS App Development Process

Step 1: Launch the Xcode

Step 2: Go to the File menu

Step 3: Click on New Project.

From here on, you can continue the procedure of the iOS app development process by working on this new project file. To develop an iOS app is not very complicated though it is always wise to get it done by expert iOS developers. Dive into this blog to know more about how much does it cost to develop a mobile app.

iOS app development language is Swift, and you need to have a thorough understanding of this language. With the latest version of Swift, Apple has optimized the tools and simplified the syntax. iOS app development is not very difficult, but it may seem confusing and tricky if you develop an iOS app for the first time.

Summing Up

Having successfully built hundreds of applications, we have an experienced team of iOS app developers who have hands-on expertise in iOS app development. We help you make your dream app in a quick turnaround time.

For a remarkable and unique iOS app development service, a decade-old mobile app development company like ours can quickly help you achieve your niche app development goals.

Get the best iOS app developed, hire iOS developers from our mobile app development company at the rates and terms best suited to your business.


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