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Brick and Mortar Vs eCommerce- Who will win?

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 31 Jan, 2020

Every year we hear about the increase in online sales, and as eCommerce continues to grow, the concern of brick-and-mortar death continues to grow with it. And hence we think that there is a huge need to write this blog on brick and mortar vs online eCommerce stores. 

That belief doesn’t seem misguided in this digital day and age, but are the naysayers, right? While their claims are somewhat valid, if they can adjust, brick-and-mortar stores won’t dissipate.

The word “brick and mortar” refers to a typical street-side business that sells its customers face-to-face products and services in an office or store owned or rented by the company.

Business channels fight for necessities of trade Attention and Availability (A2). A2 is the core of the channel, either its eCommerce or brick and mortar. The fight is to get consumer attention and make products or services available.

When basics remain the same for both channels, then it makes no sense to refrained consumers. Now the race is not between brick and mortar vs eCommerce; it’s on A2. As we agree on both races for A2 and seller, it’s a win-win, so let’s get the fundamental right to bring the best out of them both seamlessly.

Best of Both Worlds

When it comes to brick and mortar stores going online or new eCommerce store development. Then let us be very clear that the veteran is here to stay, and it has a history with the consumer mind, so keep the basics of it right, whether its price or merchandise. Don’t compromise and try to fight with elements of price or appeal to consumers at brick and mortar. Use the digital platform for influence and purchase averagely, 22 % of consumers get digital world influences to buy from brick and mortar.


Brick and Mortar Vs eCommerce – Who will win?

Showrooming or Webrooming are two different names for footfall on two other platforms. Work on both Brick and Mortar Vs eCommerce as both lead to attention for your brand of product or services. Keep the fundamental right in-store or web platform merchandise and keep the offers & interactions alive on both.

Thin Line

Brick and Mortar Vs eCommerce – Who will win?

Digital interactions are not the competition of brick and mortar and vice versa because both are here to stay, and as soon you get both aligned to your business, it will increase your reach and, finally, more business. Hence the difference between brick and mortar and eCommerce is to give you explicit knowledge about both worlds. Your motive should be to treat brick and mortar like an essential wholesale and retail business model (Competition still exists and improve business). But also change your mindset and make compatibility and move towards an online eCommerce store model.

Focus on Experience

Brick and Mortar Vs eCommerce – Who will win?

Some edges still brick and mortar compared with eCommerce stores hold more in the experience of Goods & Services because of Human touch. Using a digital platform to connect brings consumers to the real world and gets the Human touch reach, leading to loyalty. The consumer also gets the feeling of buying an intelligent brand when the brand misses both platforms.

Improve Interactions

Brick and Mortar Vs eCommerce – Who will win?

36% improvement in the spending of consumers is solely done in case of having digital interactions, and so does the increase in eCommerce store development. Use digital platforms for interactions as it gives. Searching online and buying offline is the best of both world experiences for any consumer. Research is the right of consumers, which brings more confidence to him, more to the one who gives Information is always the first choice.

Improve Reach

Brick and Mortar Vs eCommerce – Who will win?

Reach is not a synonym for the digital world. Brick and mortar also represent reach as big brands use brick and mortar as a footprint in areas, cities, and countries with multiple stores & connect points. Reach gives confidence to buyers, and brand recall improves, which leads to high TOMA. A2 is core, and get it at all points. Do not forget.

Views and Opinions

Brick and Mortar Vs eCommerce – Who will win?

Consumers want to have opinions and views to choose the right, and any brand must share honest thoughts for the work they do for consumers and how they feel for you. The diversity of consumers and their opinions also helps the brand improve global standards and reach new heights.

We have been a part of this digital world for more than 18 years, and during these years, after working on multiple projects, we have gained a handful of experiences. Read our blog on seven simplest lessons that we have learned over all these years and would love to share them with you

Changing Consumers & Influencers

changing consumers ND influencers

Do not forget we are in an ever-changing world, and change speed is now at its best. So you love it or hate it, don’t forget to accept it. Be ready for the consumers and more than those buying influencers of your product & services. They are hidden. Explore them through both the platforms and digital do a better job in this.

Consumers are getting more informed, and Information is the key to your success too. Make the best use of platforms and be in touch with an expert to get the best of both worlds.


The term brick-and-mortar store is often used to refer to a business that owns or rents retail shops, manufacturing facilities or warehouses for its operations.

It’s a Draw for both. Accept and get the best of both now it’s your business world to explore to max and lift both hands in the air and make a world-class Omnichannel presence. Find new ways to combine both the world and bring convenience and personalized experiences.

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Taru M.

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