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WordPress for Website

18 Good Reasons Why Choose WordPress for Website?

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 21 Mar, 2022

WordPress has made the website development process easy. With WordPress, writers, artists, professionals, and even small businesses quickly get on with website making. Though more platforms offer easy content management systems and free software, somehow, WordPress has become a star.

As per the statistics, 43.3% of all websites on the internet are made with WordPress and this popular CMS has a market share of 60.8% in the CMS market.

Many reasons have made WordPress for website popular and preferred for even businesses. This article will share light on 18 reasons to tell you why you should choose to go for WordPress development services and why WordPress for website?



18 Parameters for Choosing WordPress for Website


Why Choose WordPress for Website?


1. WordPress for website is a reliable option!

WordPress – a famous CMS website builder- controls 60% of the CMS market. Second, on the list is Joomla – holding almost 12 times less share in the market. The platform you choose must be reliable; that’s why every month, roughly 70 million new posts are published on WordPress. (as per the statistics).

With a huge user base, you can be sure that WordPress developers aren’t going to stop developing websites via this platform any time soon.

2. Flexibility

WordPress is no longer a blogging site only. It is dynamic in nature, and one should be able to utilize it to its optimum capacity. That’s where WordPress web development services come to the rescue as professional WordPress developers are very well familiar with all plugins and features and know which ones to utilize for your project.

A developer must know how and which widgets, features, plugins to add to customize the website and make it work as required. You get access to more than 55,000 free plugins from WordPress. It is entirely up to you how much advantage you can take.

3. SEO optimization

The whole purpose of developing a website is to make it reach its potential customers. A good SEO strategy will form the success of your website by optimizing your content as per your user and industry research.

With WordPress for website, you do not have to worry much about search engine optimization as there are plenty of built-in tools to make your content SEO friendly.

For example – You can choose from Yoast and Rank Math plugins in WordPress that are easy to use and great in optimization.

4. Security

No website can be 100 per cent safe. Therefore, WordPress takes security concerns seriously.
WordPress makes it easy to enable an SSL certificate for your WordPress website. By sending out regular updates on security and security patches, keep updating your site and step ahead in online safety.

Always ply solid passwords and implement two-step authentication to secure your website further.
Lastly, make sure to use the backup plugin; if something goes wrong, you always have the backup of all of your content.

5. Community support

When so many WordPress users are there worldwide, the availability of resources and tutorials are found in abundance. Also, you can get enough support from the WordPress forums where you can interact with the other developers.

Plus, the WordPress developer community is large, hence WordPress Support Team is always there to extend support. You also get access to live chat support around the clock for a paid WordPress plan from Monday to Friday. And on the weekends, you can even reach live chat agents.

Choose WordPress for Website for simple content creation & content management!


6. Simplified content creation

WordPress Website development is so easy! Almost anyone can make a WordPress website with just a few clicks.

Once your site is developed, you can easily navigate through your dashboard menu’s “posts” section. Go to the Posts section with easy navigation, add a new post, and start writing. You will find everything here – formatting, editing tool, uploading media files, and more.

The primary reason non-tech people prefer WordPress for website is that adding and managing content is straightforward and self-explanatory.

When you are done with the content, you can make the changes or updates using the visual editor. Click on the update button to save the new version of content instantly.


The WordPress platform has plenty of advanced features that developers can use to make a powerful website or application like REST API allows you to build apps with WordPress.

For example, REST API can be used when you want to create a custom plugin for a new dashboard experience in the admin panel or if you wish to change in the front-end.

8. Speed optimization

An average user wants your website to load within 3 seconds, and if your site takes long, then there are fewer chances your website will see success. Slow websites are worthless; hence WordPress gives specific features that will speed up your website.

Install a light theme that won’t weigh down your code and keep the site light. Adding a plugin can also reduce the size of your image files.

A fast loading speed ultimately reduces the bounce rates, improving the user experience and increasing the conversions on your WordPress website.

If you want cost efficiency, prefer WordPress for your website.


9. Cost-effective

The most prominent thing is that we get so much for free! WordPress is open-source and free to use. But to make a good website for a business, you need to customize by adding some premium plugins and features that you will get in premium WordPress plans.

So it is like paying for what you need. If you are good with the free thing, it is up to you. There are six plans of subscription options offered by WordPress. The plans can meet the website needs of almost every individual or business, and all are very affordable. WordPress for website is a very cost-effective option.

10. Multilingual

WordPress supports more than 160 languages worldwide, so you can do that if you want to develop a website in a local language. With 71% of all blogs published in English, you can go for the English language to reach a global audience.

11. Simple integrations

WordPress web development is the most flexible, easily customized website compatible with multiple third-party tools. You can also integrate tools like Google analytics, email marketing software, payment gateways, and the plugins and features you require to run a fully functional site.

WordPress for website has become such a popular option that almost all Third-party tools are made as per WordPress requirements. Hire a WordPress developer from us if you want your man to be WordPress expert!

Get online shopping store, business website and more with WordPress

12. WordPress for website is dynamic in nature

A skilled and expert WordPress developer will be able to use its dynamics and develop any website you want from WordPress. It is not just a simple blogging website.

Grow business, build virtual classrooms, create forums, and run social media sites to power your mobile apps project or build an online store…everything you can think of is doable with WordPress.

For eCommerce development services on WordPress, add the WooCommerce plugin. WooCommerce is a great plugin and platform to create and run an online store; understand more about WooCommerce development services from a leading website development company.

13. WordPress is simple to adapt

WordPress is easy to understand and adapt, even if technology is not your thing. Beginners are welcome here!

WordPress for websites makes it extremely easy for less tech-friendly people. Just start with picking a theme, choose your layout and font, background images, etcetera. So many things are Gradually you keep getting the feel of it as it is designed from a non-tech perspective.

One can become a WordPress developer quickly, and it is rewarding as there is a high demand in the market for WordPress developers because though people can manage their websites themselves, managing it skillfully, professionally, and managing it on their own is entirely their own.

14. Scalability

Another aspect that becomes a challenge in a later stage of the website is scaling it. You add content on your website to get more relevant traffic, and the portal becomes heavier.

Choosing a quality web host to scale your website and ensure it is fast is best. The right web host and CMS is a must for a jet speed website. Do not shy away by doing maintenance work, as the results are always worth the effort.

15. Plugins and themes

The Themes are templates that WordPress provides you, and you can pick any, use it as it is or customize it as per your design.

The Plugins are basically to add new features and functionality. There are thousands of plugins available on the WordPress platform, free and premium both.

No other platform provides such a massive database of plugins and features for free.

16. Easy maintenance

Building a website is not enough; it needs regular maintenance. Particularly WordPress, you need to update the following –

The new version of CMS, plugins and themes, comments, site optimization, apart from regular backs up. These tasks are not very time consuming but are of utmost importance for the smooth flow of your website.

17. Self-hosted

WordPress is a “self-hosted” CMS, which means you can set up the software on a server to power your website. Self-hosted service gives you the advantage of not being hooked up to a single hosting platform. This means you have complete control of your website.

Also, on the other hand, in WordPress, you can switch between the hosts at any time. You can also make the necessary changes to CMS and get complete ownership of your created content.

18. WordPress for website is blogger’s fav

WordPress is the best available blogging site for bloggers as it has so much to offer. Because at its core, WordPress will remain a blogging site. It is pretty simple to add new content, edit, add images, video and publish it. Checking comments, managing content, and adding social plugins become so easy with WordPress.

Though WordPress is old now, but it continues to innovate despite being so old. The new Block editor launched by developers has outperformed the blogging and editing experience. The new editor gives you complete control over your pages and post layouts and give you visually stunning blogs.

If you are a startup or a young professional and want a website that is simple and just an online identity, go ahead and simply create one for yourself. We can give you an easy quick way to install WordPress on your system and work on it, explore this – How to install WordPress on localhost computer.

WordPress for website is the fanciest and user-friendly option available out there.

Summing Up:

Getting top-notch website development services from a leading WordPress development company has many advantages like ease of use, speed, intuitive interface and scalability. You will be able to leverage WordPress for the website to the fullest if you choose a website development company.

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