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Grocery e-Commerce Store : The Must Platforms & Tools Checklist

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 01 May, 2021

Grocery e-Commerce Stores are turning out a new vogue, where buying and selling goods and services using the internet is just a click away.

However, the growth of this domain is reaching new heights every day. It’s mainly because it saves so much time being spent in the stores. So, here is the list of 10 Best Platforms to Start your Dream Online Grocery Store Business:

Online grocery ecommerce platform


‘According to a survey by ProdegeMR, around 29 per cent of Indian consumers opt for Grocery e-Commerce Store shopping because it saved time!’


Though, shopping online is an easy option, setting up a Grocery e-Commerce Store is not.

Meanwhile, if you’re someone having grocery business ideas and trying to turn them into an online store, eCommerce development would be the best for you.


Things you must know before you start your  Grocery e-Commerce Store Business:


  • You’d need Online shopping software to build your Grocery e-Commerce Stores.
  • For this, you’d need to choose the right Grocery e-Commerce Stores platform from dozens of them.
  • Having an online grocery business plan sketched up is necessary.
  • You have to start with the eCommerce development of your store where you need to do website development.
  • You can hire eCommerce development services or outsource them, based on your requirements.
  • Finally, you’d need to proceed with the eCommerce mobile app development for your store.
  • To do this, you can outsource the eCommerce mobile app development services from professional firms if your platform doesn’t provide you with one!


‘Building a Business Model is an Important Step a lot of people are missing out on


Moreover, you need to choose a Grocery e-Commerce Stores model that’s best suitable for you. And there are several online grocery business models out there.

1- The Inventory Model for Grocery e-Commerce Store

online grocery business model in Grocery e-Commerce Store

2- The Shopping Model for Grocery e-Commerce Store

online grocery business model

3- The Marketplace Model for Grocery e-Commerce Store

online grocery business model in Grocery e-Commerce Store

Table of Contents

1. Shopify

2. Woocommerce

3. Zeilcommerce

4. Bigcommerce

5. Ownmyshop

6. Yo! kart

7. Jemez

8. Quickselling

9. My Cloud Grocer

10. Magento

11. Shopify Vs BigCommerce-A comparison

We’ll be presenting you with the 10 best platforms and tools to start your dream online for Grocery e-Commerce Store business:

1. Shopify

Shopify eCommerce Platform


  • Shopify is one of the most trusted and rated online grocery shopping software. ‘Over 44 million customers purchased from Shopify merchants in the year 2020 only!’
  • However, with your Grocery e-Commerce Stores business ideas, Shopify lets you create your website with an inbuilt shopping cart solution. They provide the best eCommerce development by letting you subscribe to their services.
  • Moreover, the pricing for Shopify’s eCommerce development services starts from a Lite plan of $9 per month to a Shopify Plus plan of $2000 per month.
  • Likewise, you can choose the plan as per your needs and set up your Grocery e-Commerce Stores business in just 15 minutes.
  • Also, Shopify offers both android and ios eCommerce mobile app development using your grocery business ideas.

2. WooCommerce

WooCommerce ecommerce development


  • WooCommerce is nothing but a WordPress toolkit provider to build the Grocery e-Commerce Stores business.
  • Therefore, for those having a WordPress account, you can simply add the WooCommerce plugin to the WordPress site and start setting up your online grocery store.
  • Moreover, the hosting prices start from $3.95 to $5,000 per month.
  • WooCommerce turned into a popular online Grocery e-Commerce Stores platform due to its simple installation process and free base.
  • However, it’s also famous for the range of themes it provides to customize your online grocery business website.
  • So, there are about 548 themes on and 1,135 on ThemeForest!

3. Zeilcommerce

ZeilCommerce ecommerce development


  • Anybody, from who wants to start with their grocery business ideas to an entrepreneur who wants to empower his online grocery business can use Zeilcommerce!
  • It is because they offer various plans based on the scale of your business.
  • There are options for setting up an online grocery store business using either the Single Vendor platform or the Multi-Vendor platform.
  • Adding to secure payment methods, getting eCommerce development services from Zeilcommerce offers multilingual and multicurrency options.
  • They also provide eCommerce mobile app development services for both android and ios.

4. BigCommerce

Bigcommerce in Grocery e-Commerce Store


    • This Grocery e-Commerce Stores shopping software was founded in 2009 and has put up with Shopify, being its competitor over the years.
    • Offering low pricing for the eCommerce development of an online grocery business has let thousands of stores be run on BigCommerce!
    • The pricing starts with a Standard plan of $29.95 per month, a Plus plan of $79.95 and a Pro plan of $299.95 per month.
    • You can find a wide variety of design tools like nowhere else on BigCommerce to leave your Grocery e-Commerce Stores business website with an essence of creativity.

‘Since launching, we haven’t had to do much maintenance, which frees up time to make improvements to our online store’, said Kabeer Chopra who built the famous Burrow on BigCommerce!

  • BigCommerce has made itself a reliable grocery eCommerce platform where you can operate with no worries!

5. Own my shop

Ownmyshop Development


  • Ownership is a personalized online grocery shopping software providing eCommerce development services that are customizable.
  • To help you grow with your online grocery business, this Grocery e-Commerce Stores platform makes personalizing customers’ online experience possible.
  • You can get more than 100 shop designs to make you stand out among others.
  • Ownership had made advances in the delivery system by offering eCommerce mobile app development producing an exclusive delivery agent app that has made deliveries occur swiftly.

6. Yo! kart

Yo!Kart in Grocery e-Commerce Store


  • Yo! kart is an online grocery shopping software that is the best for you if you’re planning to expand your Grocery e-Commerce Stores business with a cosmetic store or anything.
  • This is because they offer a Multi-vendor business option along with their Grocery e-Commerce Stores platform.
  • Ecommerce mobile app development services are provided from their end to make your online grocery business get anything reaches among customers.
  • The pricing starts from $999 along with other packages for a lifetime!
  • ‘There are currently 153 live websites that run on Yo! kart’

7. Jemez

Jemez ecommerce development services


  • With Zemez your customers get a better insight into the products at your Grocery e-Commerce Stores business because it allows a detailed product description.
  • Jemez is regarded as one of the most trustworthy grocery eCommerce platforms by many merchants around the world.
  • They provide top quality WordPress themes starting from $70.

Reviews from various members who used Zemez seeking their eCommerce development services have left back remarks on their website like,

‘Great, helpful and patient support! Great themes and designs. Recommended”.

‘They are very helpful always. I’m on my fifth project with them and will have much more!’.

8. Quick selling

Quick Selling in Grocery e-Commerce Store


Almost 5000 retailers jumped into selling online using Quick selling in May 2020 in just two weeks!

  • Using Quick selling, you can start your online grocery business for free.
  • This Grocery e-Commerce Stores platform provides various features like multiple payment methods to the consumers.
  • Also, you get eCommerce mobile app development for your online grocery free of cost!
  • You get eCommerce app development services of native mobile apps using features of android and ios, making it user friendly.
  • Though you can start getting their eCommerce development services for free, you’d need to pay 5 per cent transaction fees.

9. My Cloud Grocer

My Cloud Grocer


  • This Grocery eCommerce platform is suitable for any type of online grocery business plan.
  • Being completely SEO friendly, this online grocery shopping software will bring potential customers to your online grocery store business.
  • My Cloud Grocer offers eCommerce app development services producing dedicated mobile apps.
  • The eCommerce development given by them adds up customer reviews and ratings, giving an idea for any improvements to be made.
  • They do not offer a free trial and quote the pricing only upon request

10. Magento

Magento Development Services


  • If you are looking to develop your Grocery e-Commerce Stores business or start a larger enterprise, Magento is all you need!
  • After receiving their eCommerce development services you can integrate your online store with Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.
  • You get highly customizable and intricate designs for your website.
  • Magento also offers eCommerce app development services, setting up both website and mobile app.
    ‘Magento is a huge community with bigger benefits’
  • At Magento Multilanguage and Multicurrency options are available to be added to your online grocery
  • The basic version of Magento is free but the enterprise version costs about $20,000 per year.

Shopify Vs BigCommerce-A comparison


Undoubtedly Shopify and BigCommerce have made their way into the top grocery eCommerce platforms of all time. But to make you choose the right one among these, we have come up with a comparison of various aspects.


‘BigCommerce was titled the Strong performer by a Leading Industry Report’.

Shopify Vs BigCommerce in Grocery e-Commerce Store

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