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How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 17 Feb, 2021

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system, referred to within it as Themes.

How to speed up something that is already fast?. It may sound utopian, but the truth is that even though it is a high-speed content manager, mainly the kernel, when plugins from other developers and themes with much functionality are added, it ends up becoming a heavy installation.

Knowing which themes “are heavy” and which plugins lengthen the page’s loading times where they show results, together with the optimization of the hosting server’s values, help to have an installation that works, that serves the desired contents and also “Make it quick.”

Table of Contents

1. Installation and Configuration of Premium Cache Plugin in WordPress

2. Database Optimization and Cleaning

3. Full Image Optimization in WordPress

4. Anti-Heartbeat Configuration

5. Detailed Plugin Audit in WordPress

6. Brute Force Attack Prevention

7. Benefits of the WordPress Speed Optimization Service


The same speed optimization tasks of your WordPress will be 100% adapted to your particular case. Some of the functions that are carried out by the WordPress speed optimization service are:

1. Installation and Configuration of Premium Cache Plugin in WordPress

 Installation and Configuration of Premium Cache Plugin


The Speed ​​Engineer will install and configure a Premium Cache Plugin on your site. We have selected this plugin based on its amazing capability to get the work done and the trust that WordPress developers have in it.

2. Database Optimization and Cleaning

Database Optimization and Cleaning


Your database is where all the content and data for your website are stored. Over time, databases can become very large, keeping tons of information that your site no longer needs. The WordPress development company specialist will optimize your entire database.

3. Full Image Optimization in WordPress

Full Image Optimization


Images can cause a massive slowdown in the load time of each page within your website. Not only will we optimize all the current photos you have, but we will also automatically optimize all the images on your site.

4. Anti-heartbeat Configuration

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?


The WordPress Heartbeat API can start sending excessive requests to your server, leading to high CPU usage. Through WordPress Speed Test checking tools, the speed engineer will ensure that the WordPress Heartbeat API is configured and used correctly without any SPEED leaks.

5. Detailed Plugin Audit in WordPress

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?


What is WordPress without the use of plugins? The only downside is that they can suck up critical resources from your server and cause your site to load slowly. The WordPress website will make sure that you are using all the plugins that you have active.

6. Brute Force Attack Prevention

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?


A common point of attack in WordPress hammers the wp-login.php file over and over again until they log in or the server dies. Each attempt is a request to the server that slows things down. If you hire WordPress developer, his job will be to protect your site against this.


You will receive a detailed report about the SPEED OPTIMIZATION of your site. The WordPress speed test will include a snapshot from before details of what has improved after the speed engineer has worked through advanced WordPress speed boost methods.

Benefits of the WordPress Speed Optimization Service

How To Speed Up Your WordPress Website?


Improve your SEO Positioning

Page loading speed has a direct correlation with your site’s position in Google results. The fastest sites will rank higher!

Improve your Conversions and Sales

You increase your conversions by 7% for every second that is optimized on your website.

Fewer Bounce Rates

Nobody likes to wait for a website page to load. You will prevent 50% of your users from leaving your site. Visitors love a website with pages that load fast!

You Save Money on Advertising

You can hire a WordPress developer to provide the best WordPress speed optimization service for WordPress speed optimization related solutions.


Google Ads advertising is much cheaper when we optimize a website. You can have a website with a loading speed much higher through the WordPress optimization service than what you currently experience.


They will install and configure the star plugin, WP Rocket, on your website, they will optimize all images and multimedia files. They will configure the wp-config.php and .htaccess files to improve the site’s loading speed and, if you wish, create, configure, and integrate a CDN on your website.


A website’s security is critical, with a good on-page SEO essential for your website to position better. Google and other search engines see with good eyes; aesthetics is another factor that the end-user considers still if there is a point that directly affects the user and their degree of acceptance of your website, that is the loading speed.


You are dedicating time and effort to get your website to transform from “a turtle” to competing in the marathon of websites. Users compete not only for their content but also for how quickly they serve them is the most critical action you should take efforts after building your site with WordPress.


In the end, it is about falling in love with Google (its bots) and users who may end up becoming regulars of your content, buyers of your products, or consumers of the services you offer.


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