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WordPress Is Best Fit For Your Business: let’s look at these 10 reasons

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 10 Mar, 2021

WordPress for Business has the trust of millions of its users and stands at the top of the Content Management Market, with 59 % of the world’s web users using it.

However, With businesses like BBC America, Facebook, Disney, Sony, Star Wars and even the U.S. Department of States using it as their CMS, one can hardly raise any question on its efficiency, functionality and scalability of it.

So, here are the top 10 benefits of it according to any of its Development Agency.

Table of Contents

1. WordPress Design, Setup and Management is easy

2. WordPress is Dynamic and Versatile

3. WordPress is open-source & it is free

4. WordPress Integrations are simple

5. WordPress Sites can be quickly SEO Optimized

6. WordPress Themes & Designs are Mobile-friendly

7. WordPress has a Multi-user Capability

8. WordPress has a large Support Community

9. WordPress is eCommerce Friendly

10. WordPress Offers Flexibility


Here are a few reasons why it’s so popular for businesses  and why you should also use it for your business:

1. WordPress Design, Setup and Management is easy


wordpress website design agency


With WordPress, gone are the days when one needed to know to code to build websites.

But now, one can create websites just by the drag and click method.

However, with hundreds of ready-to-use themes, designs, tools and simple integrations, it takes only a few minutes to set up a custom site.

Moreover, it also provides the required tools to analyze website traffic, revenue and more.

2. WordPress is Dynamic and Versatile

wordpress design are dynamic and vesatile


It is not just a site for bloggers or small businesses.

But, it is highly dynamic and versatile and provides advanced features, and integrates third-party plugins to create highly functional and content-rich sites like eCommerce sites, gaming sites and more.

Meanwhile, many website design agencies like Automatic, WPengine have successfully made highly active gaming sites, software, networking sites.

3. WordPress is open-source, and it is free

WordPress CMS is open source and it is free

It allows you to create sites for free and publish them. However, you may have to pay a small amount for hosting and domain name for your site if you wish to monetize it.

4. WordPress Integrations are simple

hire wordpress developers


With this, there is no need for you to hire developers or development agencies to create highly functional sites. Installation and integration of the plugins to the site are simple and involve only a few clicks to finish the action.

But if you want a high end, user-friendly website that can get a tremendous amount of business for you, then you sure will need to Hire any of its  Development Company.

5. WordPress sites can be quickly SEO Optimized

wordpress development agency


It is an SEO friendly CMS and helps its users keep their SEO game on top. It optimizes its content by guiding the right on-page strategies to its webmasters. One can observe that top search engines like Google and Bing rank its sites higher than those of other CMS.

6. WordPress Themes and Designs are Mobile-friendly

wordpress development agency


Search Engines do not rank sites that are not mobile-friendly. Webmasters do not need to worry about optimizing mobile sites separately as their designs and themes are already mobile-friendly. 

Moreover, it provides an option for webmasters to view their site in mobile view.

7. It has a Multi-user Capability

WordPress Development Services


WordPress understands that web development involves multiple stakeholders and participants.

Hence it allows its webmasters to provide access according to different responsibilities that all those stakeholders and participants hold.

8. WordPress has a large support community

It has a large support community


With it being the most popular and widely used Content Management system globally, the support community is quite large. There are hundreds and thousands of forums on the internet that provide solutions and assistance to its users’ problems about its design and themes, SEO optimization, WordPress for business, and more. There are millions of guides, how-to videos, blogs, and tutorials that make their users’ lives easier.

9. WordPress is eCommerce friendly

eCommerce WordPress Development


With it credits its design and themes into eCommerce sites.

It provides the required safe integration with many third-party platforms for payments, eCommerce, email campaigns, social media campaigns and more. It is a wholesome package of all the necessary tools for creating your eCommerce website.

10. WordPress offers flexibility

Sites are flexible


Moreover, it does not pressurize its users on host or software choice; it provides all the freedom for its webmasters to choose their desired hosting platforms and other software. It, for businesses and bloggers, especially, is a dream come true. This is especially helpful for its development agencies that have multiple preferences and requirements.


Above are only a few reasons you must use it for your business, but the functionality, versatility and scalability of WordPress is a lot more. We recommend it just like a million others do.


As you know, Drupal is the biggest competitor that WordPress today has. Read our blog to learn that between WordPress and Drupal which CMS will suit your business site the most: WordPress or Drupal


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