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Flutter Mobile App: Startup’s Best Choice of 2021

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 02 Nov, 2021

Flutter is a mobile app development platform focused on building high-quality apps with visual design, code, and data. Founded in 2015, Flutter has emerged as the leading choice for developers building native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Flutter was built from the ground up with the needs of developers in mind. And it delivers powerful features and intuitive tools which empower developers to build amazing apps in less time.

It also provides excellent APIs for developing apps with large amounts of data. Moreover, in addition, Flutter is an open-source project, which means that it’s free to create.


1. Why is the Flutter mobile app turning out to be a developer’s choice?

a. Dart Programming Language:

b. Own Rendering Engine:

c. Built-In Widgets:

d. Better UI:

e. Fast Performance.

2. Flutter is the future of startups

Meanwhile, the Flutter mobile app provides a structured framework that makes it easy to develop elegant user interfaces for both platforms.

Why is the Flutter mobile app turning out to be a developer’s choice?

1. Dart Programming Language: Dart has quickly become a popular programming language for creating mobile apps. And it is fast, simple, powerful and available for many platforms.

It’s cool because it allows you to develop apps using the same code on different operating systems.

This makes it much easier for developers to handle tasks on different platforms without rewriting their code. Likewise, the Flutter mobile app uses Dart as a programming language, making it easier for developers to create apps for multiple platforms.


2. Own Rendering Engine: The rendering engine that the Flutter mobile app uses is called Skia. It is an open-source library written in C, and it’s built from the ground up for 2D graphics.

Most important it supports OpenGL ES2.0 and OpenGL 3.3, and also hardware acceleration on OpenGL ES 2.0.

Flutter usually creates native mobile applications. And this native capability suggests that documentation of the Flutter app is in Dart, a compiled, object-oriented programming language similar to Java.

On the other hand, it undergoes compilation into machine code (iOS or Android) that performs the same operations as Java, C++, or C#.


3. Built-In Widgets: The Flutter mobile app comes with built-in widgets, which are like an abstraction layer. Therefore, the devices, which are the building blocks of the app, are a set of simple, efficient, and reusable code.

Flutter is a mobile app development framework that helps you develop beautiful native apps for iOS and Android. And these apps are single code-base and can run on both platforms, providing cross-platform development.

widgets for flutter mobile app

4. Better UI: Flutter app development uses Dart’s layout engine to build the UI design.  And the layout engine is the core part of the framework and it runs in both JavaScript and Dart.

It has a layered architecture.

Firstly, the framework has several widgets that implement the basic UI controls, such as buttons, lists, ListView, and cards. Secondly, these framework widgets serve a more graphical user interface.

UI design for flutter mobile app development

5. Fast Performance:  Flutter’s “stateful” nature means that an object, like a button, can remember what state it was in last. So the thing that it observes is automatically tracking down the number of times a switch is clicked. Flutter also makes it easy to draw graphics on the phone. (The phone screen is monochrome, but modern phones have hardware support to draw full-colour illustrations.)

flutter mobile app in fast performance

Flutter is the future of startups

flutter mobile app is the future of startups

  • Flutter’s future is bright because everyone is trying to invent the following best framework. However, Flutter has to win over developers who are excited by and familiar with React, Angular, or Vue, and developers who are excited by and familiar with Web or native code.
  • The Flutter mobile app has shown a significant rise in the play store, from 50,000 to 90,000 downloads since April 2020.
  • A recent report from Google and Stack Overflow has shed some light on the Flutter app development framework. And the report has divided the Flutter app development framework users into different categories.
  • According to a report, Flutter has a market share of around 20% among startups, 14% among enterprises, 8% among self-employed, and 7% among design agencies.
  • In 2019, Flutter used to be the best cross-platform mobile framework by Futuremark. According to the survey, it used to be the finest for app development.
  • The main reason for Flutter’s popularity is its incredible performance. Compared with React Native and Xamarin, Flutter is 20 to 40 times faster.

The list of mobile app development frameworks is never-ending. Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Ionic, React, React Native, Xamarin, PhoneGap, Ionic, Adobe, Sencha, Titanium, and HTML5 are some of the top mobile app development frameworks that are in the market.
But, among all these, Flutter has emerged as the undisputed winner.


Flutter is Google’s first official effort to extend its reach in the mobile application world. Flutter has emerged as the best framework despite numerous app development frameworks because of its extensive features.
Moreover, this framework is free, open-source, and is constantly evolving.
The hot reload function allows developers to preview changes in real-time, eliminating bugs or glitches during the testing process.
Expanding their business reach to all popular platforms seems like a challenge in such a scenario.
Therefore, the Flutter mobile app is quite popular among startups and companies willing to hire a flutter app Development Company.
Flutter’s hot reload function allows developers to observe app code changes in real-time and view the results.

This functionality makes the development process much faster, and it will enable developers to make changes in code without restarting the app.

The Flutter framework includes more than 200 widgets, including input, lists, charts, tables, buttons, and navigation.

Flutter widgets are fully compatible with the native Android and iOS SDKs, so programmers do not need to rewrite much of the code.

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