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E-Commerce Website Complete Guide : Surveying Distinct Online Stores

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 15 Jul, 2021

E-commerce websites have revolutionized the way of life. And it connects to every dealer, customer, and end-users, irrespective of their geographic area.

Moreover, E-commerce is a huge platform that offers you tremendous freedom to support your products and services with no limitations.

So do you have any thoughts on how things work in the complete E-commerce website development?

Table of Contents

1. Types of E-commerce Websites

2. Things to consider before E-commerce Development

3. E-commerce Web Development Platforms

4. Business Framework of an Online Shopping Store

5. Team Framework for E-commerce Website Development

6. Points to be taken with E-commerce Website Development Company

7. Factors on which E-commerce Store Development Cost Depends

Today, we are here with a complete E-commerce website development design.

1. Types of E-commerce Websites

Types of eCommerce Website | B2B eCommerce website development company


Now, let us understand the types of E-commerce websites before we move into the E-commerce website development process.

B2B E-commerce Websites

B2B E-commerce Websites, here the exchange of services and assets happens within businesses into an online sales.

But usually, it is used to increase the effectiveness and performance of a company’s sales—for example, a machine inventor marketing a customized cutting tool mechanism to a log creation house.

However, is a leading example of a B2B online business centre where various merchants sell goods.

And if your business delivers B2B services, you should choose a B2B E-Commerce website development company.

B2C E-commerce Websites

However business-to-consumer E-commerce website relates to online shopping between companies and customers.

For example, Amazon committed E-commerce websites where many brands enlist their goods and services to sell them.

Moreover, the B2C E-commerce website enables the consumers to get a comparable shopping experience as they take in offline stores but by using an online program, selecting items for shopping, and staying out virtually.

C2C E-commerce Websites

E-commerce websites where one customer sells goods or services to another customer through online modes is C2C E-commerce.

For example, eBay, Etsy works like the same C2C E-commerce websites.

Certainly, this sale is supported by a 3rd-party website that aids in getting care of the transactions’ items, usually known as a marketplace.

C2B E-commerce Websites

Somehow, the other incredible concept, Customer-to-Business (C2B) business model, is recognized because of freelancers’ platforms business.

And in this, the freelancer workers do jobs given by the clients.

And most of such customers are business entities, and the freelancers are ordinary people. In easy words, we think of C2B as a single proprietorship contribution service to larger companies.

Aggregator Websites

Selling on someone else website is like an aggregator website.

However, an upward search engine used by shoppers to separate and analyze the products based on opinions, price, reviews, and different basis is the Price Comparison Website. They give the prices and buy the best deal from the vendor’s websites.

Auction/Bidding Websites

So it is a niche category of E-commerce websites where different products listed for auction, and the user can share their bid to obtain the product for themselves.

2. Things to be considered before making an E-commerce Website

eCommerce store development checklist


Right from the born of your idea to the fact, many features need to view.

But a few of the essential elements that need an entrepreneur’s awareness explained below.

So, let us get more insights.


1. Mind Your Ecommerce Website Development Budget


However, the funds play an essential role in determining the features and design of the website. You may view the following tips to come up with your website funds:


  • Developer type (prices run if you wish to work with an objective, in-house, or remote programming development group)
  • Developer charges (may vary depending on their situation, experience, job, and so forth.)
  • The complexity of web design
  • Quantity and complexity of site working
  • Quantity and absorption of APIs implemented by third parties.
  • Price for website hosting, SSL support cost.

2. Conduct Depth Research of Your Business Industry

The first step to making the E-commerce website development process is to continue an actual knowledge of your business market.

Also, before buying in, it is vital to handle a market study that supports understanding the market loopholes. Likewise, you can initiate your business targets and examine the strategies to achieve them.

However, the buyer persona is necessary for your company. Ask yourself,” Who are your customers to whom you will give your items?”

Thus, do your analysis for your destination clients and examine their behaviour and patterns.
Know their time, choices, and stories, which will help create the website according to their taste.

3. Inspect Your Competitor E-commerce WebsitesMost importantly please inspect your opponents and their performance divisions. SO, You can get this completed effectively by scanning the web indexes, such as Google and Yahoo, using the appropriate catchphrases.

Moreover, point your vision to the technical framework and hosting platform they are struggling with to market and advertise their websites.

Moreover, these features are running to assist you in finalizing the essential elements for your E-commerce web apps or eCommerce websites to give your opponents behind and give them a neck-to-neck fight.

And also read 7 important lessons in E-commerce development that we have learned after being in this industry for 18+ years:

3. What are The Common E-commerce Web Development Platforms?

eCommerce website development platforms | Shopify | Magento


Firstly, to get better at web-based business, one must choose the pre-eminent platform for E-commerce website development.

Secondly, luckily you can find a lot of web-based trading platforms out there on the internet.

So, it would be best to make sense of which one is most suitable for your needs.
And on the off possibility that you are different right now, plan on consuming low, and while choosing the best platform for E-commerce website development, should make proper estimations.

If it is poorly planned, you will think it is exciting to draw in more deals. However, for a new business in this online industry, performing some free stages in the initial place is necessary.

So choose the format that gives your store an exquisite, proficient look.


As of now, the following are the best platforms for E-commerce website development:


  • Shopware
  • osCommerce
  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Biggart
  • OpenCart
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • PrestaShop
  • Sylius
  • 3dCart


So if you want Custom E-commerce solutions for your business, you can choose one of these based on your needs:


  • Identify the target audience group of your eCommerce business
  • Create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • eCommerce Website Security
  • Geography specific eCommerce regulations

4. The business framework of an Online Shopping Store

Must have features for Online shopping store


However, the web-based business structure of the work is the dramatic structure going to our B2B, B2C, C2C, C2B business system.

And it covers the reason and the objectives of your business and also how it proposes to achieve them.

So according to the property management and sourcing of the details, the E-commerce models put together as follows:


  • Just-in-Time Purchasing
  • Outsourced Fulfillment
  • Freemium Model
  • DropShipping
  • Warehousing
  • Subscriptions
  • White-Labelling
  • Rent and Loan Model
  • Bulk Selling and Storing
  • White-Marking and Producing


Advanced Features of an E-commerce Website

  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Social Login-Signup
  • Product Videos
  • Business Intelligence
  • Marketing Tools
  • CRM Integration
  • Advance Ecommerce Analytics
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Chatbot for Customer Support
  • Multilingual & Currency
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Role-Based Dashboard
  • Behaviour Tracking
  • Captivating UX/UI Designs

5. What team Framework is required for E-commerce Website Development?

eCommerce development team requirements


Moreover, to transform your vision into existence, you require to hire E-commerce developers with experience in this domain.

Some people are involved with making up a website from the start. Therefore, the essential team structure would look-alike:

  • Graphic Designers
  • Quality Tester
  • Project Manager
  • Delivery Manager
  • Front-end Developers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Database Expert

6. Points to be taken with E-commerce Website Development Company

eCommerce development to do list


Things to consider when building an E-commerce Website:

  • So to get the eCommerce website development with MVP, a different group with MVP and launched features or a specific eCommerce versatile website with more advanced characteristics.
  • So pick the platform that you need to require for your business. You can usually scale your company later.
  • Also, choose if you want to have the back-end development low or high by paying much on prolonged support given by third-party APIs.
  • Moreover, correctly choose the outsourcing business as it immediately affects the budget of the project.
  • However, Don’t neglect to ask your eCommerce Website Development Company to develop a search engine and mobile-friendly eCommerce store.

7. Factors on which E-commerce Store Development Cost Depends

eCommerce website development cost


However, the overall cost of developing an affordable website ultimately depends on certain circumstances and requirements, such as


  • Firstly, the E-commerce web development company location.
  • And third-party API integration.
  • As well as the size of the development team.
  • Scope of the eCommerce Website Development Company is a large, small or medium scale company.
  • Front and Back End Development.
  • Also, the number of hours invested.
  • UI/UX Development.


So, after experiencing many changes through the development from our experience, you might have grown up with some thoughts, ideas, or decisions.

We will be glad if you share it with us. Also, we are so excited to hear from you, and our team will be happy to address your queries quickly.

Being the most reliable E-commerce Website Development Company, we never let our customer’s queries go; it will answer as soon as possible.

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