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9 Amazing Facial Recognition Apps.

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 16 Jun, 2022

Facial recognition technology today is not only used for security purposes by government or commercial agencies. Product designers use this technology in every sphere – transportation, health, and marketing. For example – Brands use AR filters on social media as well as on their e-commerce websites to drive engagement and help customers make more informed decisions. Under the hood, AI-based Facial Recognition systems give life such AR filters.

In this blog, I will list some good facial recognition apps to make you aware of the different contexts in which this technology is used. Then, brainstorm your unique ideas, and make useful and fun mobile applications.

Table of contents

1. Luxand

2. Clearview

3. FaceApp

4. IObit Applock

5. Face2Gene

6. FacePhi

7. Timeless.Care

8. Nauto


1. Luxand

It is an enterprise conducting independent research on artificial intelligence and face recognition technology. They have created many fun face recognition apps for the mass audience-YouMask Beards, Age-O-Meter, BabyMaker, LiveFacialFeatures, etc. These apps use facial recognition algorithms to augment a virtual beard, tell your age, make a baby face using a parent’s picture, or display facial features.

Luxand offers FaceSDK, a cross-platform library & framework for building face recognition software. The SDK provides APIs to detect facial expressions, faces on multiple images, videos, and thermal images, recognize faces with masks, support IP (Internet Protocol), cameras, etc. It also includes a Track API, through which faces can be identified in videos as well. Some of the APIs are:

  • Avatar API
  • E-cards API
  • Baby Prediction API
  • Face Aging API
  • Zombie API
  • Face Enhancement API

You can start with the free trial and get a quote for the paid version. Luxand serves many companies, including Samsung, LG, Ford, National Forensic Service, etc.


– Extensive APIs, Accurate face recognition even in videos.

2. Clearview

A private company founded by Hoan Ton-That provides facial recognition software to law enforcement and commercials that need high-security like banking, airport, visitor management, etc.

The company claims that its software has 99% accuracy for all demographics. Its AI system is trained on a gigantic database. However, this is quite controversial as the company used almost 3 billion photos from the web and social media without people’s consent. More worrisome was that law enforcement agencies were using this potent neural network even when the policy states that no unsupervised repository can be used as a reference for any facial recognition software.

Though Federal, State & Local authorities have many successful stories of how Clearview’s advanced technology reduced their investigation time and helped them crack down on criminals.

Some of its features that are helpful for commercial use are:

  • Bias-free algorithm.
  • Algorithms are tested by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
  • Its algorithm ranked top in the US and western countries among 650 algorithms.
  • Provides accurate results on low-quality images and detects faces covered with masks.
  • It is affordable and has straightforward pricing.


– Accuracy, Bias-free facial recognition software.


– Obscurity over the vast database and connections with law enforcement.

3. FaceApp

If you want to edit your photos instantly, then FaceApp’s editing features powered by AI won’t disappoint you. You can have fun with its filters which under the hood use facial recognition technology to swap genders, augment hairstyles, show how your kids would look, and who is your celebrity look-alike.

Currently, the app provides 60+ filters and has a pleasant and easy-to-use UI. Its ‘Old filter’ went viral in social media apps. Almost 500 million+ people have used FaceApp, and both App Store and Google Play Store awarded it as the Top App in 2019.

But all the pro features are not free. Many users are frustrated by the ads in the free version as, quite often, even after watching the whole ad, they cannot use a specific AI filter.


– Clarity over what private data is collected. The data is encrypted, and you can also request to delete it.


– Expensive. The free version has long ads. Moreover, the ads don’t necessarily load; sometimes, filters don’t get unlocked after viewing an ad.

4. IObit Applock

A fine lightweight app to enhance the security of your device. You can lock any specific app and even settings to protect your sensitive data from abusers. It is handy in preventing children from accidentally deleting critical data or making in-app purchases. Sometimes notifications contain private information which you don’t want to share with someone when they are around. With this app, you can lock notifications too.

The facial recognition system of this app checks on who is trying to unlock your phone and sends their image if they enter a password incorrectly more than three times.


– Lightweight. Does what it markets.


– Only for android.

5. Face2Gene

It is an advance and comprehensive app for phenotyping used by licensed health professionals.
With deep learning and biometric technology, syndrome-specific classifiers are created. The patient’s face is converted into a mathematical faceprint using proprietary face technology software compared to the classifiers to find any morphological disorders.

Face2Gene’s team has built a highly collaborative forum for doctors and health professionals to give constructive clinical feedback. You can access the library connected with the London Medical database for just 10 dollars per month. Some users include CookCholdren’s, Cleveland Clinic, Duke Medicine, Mayo Clinic, etc.


– Extensive resources. Accuracy.


– Though the app is free. Licensed health professionals can only use it

6. BlippAR

It is one of the leading augmented reality and facial recognition apps. The company provides WeBar SDK, Blippbuilder, and Blipp Studio to help you develop augmented reality experiences for your website and web apps.

BlippAR not just works on human faces, it can scan all sorts of stuff like dogs, cars, flowers, etc.


– A complete AR app. You can play a lot of AR games.


Not consistently accurate. Confusing User Interface

7. FacePhi

Facephi provides digital onboarding and biometric authentication technology solutions. Its fast, easy, and secure solutions can be used and customized by platforms, organizations, and companies as per their’s and end-user needs and requirements.

One of the most significant solutions it provides is real-time identity verification that enables the organizations (of the technology) to integrate their face recognition technology-powered APIs to conduct automatic document photograph comparison and verification with the help of live selfie-taking.

  • It uses Machine Learning algorithms to enable the technology is able to recognize the person in spite of the natural occurrence of facial changes.
  • Every time the user is required to authenticate, it detects new identification facial features to ensure greater security.

The solutions provided by FacePHI can be implemented in a multitude of industries such as finance, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications, travel and transport, administration, sports, automobile, digital currencies, and much more.


– Facephi facial recognition technology is a secure and economical user authentication solution for businesses.

8. Timeless.Care

Timeless is a unique and easy-to-use app for people suffering from Alzheimer’s. It uses facial recognition technology to help patients recognize their friends and family. This implication of facial recognition technology is adding another layer to how the use of AI can benefit the healthcare industry. Not only this, but it helps patients remember key events and dates and stay connected with their loved ones. The app is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese (simple and traditional).

Alzheimer’s is an irreversible brain disorder that destroys the memory and thinking power of an individual. It adversely hampers the day-to-day tasks and relationships of the patient.

Timeless was founded by Emma Yang when she was just 16 years old. Her grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s, which became her driving force to develop the Timeless app.


– It provides secure and fast login using facial or touch ID.


– Not available on Android

9. Nauto

Nauto is a one-of-a-kind safe driving solution that uses Artificial Intelligence to provide safe driving solutions. Using AI, its robust mechanism can predict foreseeable collisions leaving enough time to alert the driver in time—thus, preventing incidents before they happen.

It provides driver alert systems and uses facial recognition technology to analyze driver movements that happen when using a phone, eating, using stereo, and even drowsiness. Depending on the severity of the distraction (Mild, Medium, and Severe), and the duration of the distraction, it sends real-time Driver Behaviour Alerts.


– The software was developed keeping in mind the privacy of the vehicle’s inhabitants. Therefore, the AI only uploads the events which are high-risk and/or collisions.

Final Thoughts

Creative individuals always push the limits of technology. People are using facial recognition technology in different ways to solve practical problems like Nauto we have talked about. Furthermore, experimentalists – intially diverging from utilitarian aspect – create fun apps, and novel experiences that become viral on social media. If you have an idea for app that needs integration with emerging technologies, consult our mobile app development company. We are experienced in designing and building next-gen mobile apps focussing on performance and user-experience.

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