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WordPress Developer : 8 Best tools to use in 2022

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 26 Oct, 2020

WordPress Developer or WordPress development companies can code various websites, apart from robust blogging websites.

When it comes to the best platform for website development, WordPress website development tops the list.

Be it its scalability, availability of plenty of themes, or flexibility, it is the frequently opted platform for website development for many reasons.

The credit goes to the availability of various WordPress developer tools that enable developers to code a range of websites integrated with cutting-edge features, functionalities, etc.

Meanwhile, these tools tend to be outdated after each passing year. In other words, every New Year brings new tools and technologies in trends.

The year 2021 is not an exception. It has also brought various tools that are redefining WordPress development and helping developers create innovative solutions.

Top WordPress Developer Tools in 2021 that Every Developer Needs to be Aware

Let’s discuss here some of the most sought after WordPress developer tools that transformed website development.


Prettier - WordPress Developer Tool

While talking about some of the most popular WordPress development tools in 2021, it’s good to start from Prettier.

Developers leverage this tool for formatting the code to make the style clean.

No matter how poorly the coding work is done, the device runs through it and does the necessary formatting.

Another great advantage of using the Prettier tool is that it supports several languages like JSON, CSS, JavaScript.

The biggest USP of this tool is that it provides complete automation.


Desktop Server

DesktopServer is another well-known WordPress tool that lets developers create local websites using a step-by-step wizard.

Though the software is free, you need to pay some amount while registering to download it.

While installing the software for the first time, it ensures installing all required software, which is crucial to power WordPress locally.


Telepresence - WordPress Developer Tool

The telepresence tool for WordPress website development can speed up the Kubernetes debug/develop cycle by eliminating the container build and deploying the entire process from the equation.

It lets you observe the code changes quickly. The tool can make your devices a part of the Kubernetes cluster with the help of proxies. 

The cluster tends to integrate the local code on your devices and helps you get complete access to the live environment.

The tool functions perfectly with Minikube while letting you enjoy having increased functionality for rapid development.

It is the most appropriate tool when it comes to performing live coding and editing work.



It’s another impeccable WordPress developer tool that is the right option for API developers.

Those developers who perform API development must be familiar with the fact that creating a test environment is a reasonably stringent and boring process.

As an easy to use tool, it includes a significant focus on testing. With the tool, professionals find it relatively easy to set up multiple environments, but they can also share their test cases among them.

Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio Live Share - WordPress Developer Tool

Made and launched by Microsoft, Visual Studio Live Share is another most frequently used tool among WordPress development companies.

It lets developers share everything without waiting too much, be it terminals, audio, servers, etc.




Being fully compatible with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. 

The parcel is the most widespread tool among those looking for a robust web app builder.

The main benefits of using this tool for WordPress web development are that it prevents them from performing a complicated configuration setup.

It takes full advantage of the multi-core processor when it comes to parallel code compilation to help you observe a significant speed improvement.


Vagrant - WordPress Developer Tool

With the Vagrant tool, developers find it relatively easier to run different virtual machines on their devices and use them as environments for their projects.

Developers are also familiar with the fact that they need a powerful instrument for WordPress website development to run different and top-notch virtual machines. It’s indeed true.

But, it also depends on the purpose that you wish to use devices for.


Speedline - WordPress Developer Tool

As the name suggests, Speedline is the right tool that helps developers analyze visible pages complete visible progress.

It generally focuses on how quickly visual content renders to the viewport.

And it also offers a rating based on how fast the content loads, also helpful for giving you a sound understanding of the experience that end-users get.

Final Thoughts

So, above are some of the most frequently used WordPress developers tools that took web development to the next level.

Developers leverage these tools based on the type of project they need to code.

They use this software to create websites with cutting-edge features, functionalities, etc.

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