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skyHigh Team

Client: SkyHigh

Our client is a small-scale cleaning business company in Canada. Currently, they have a 15+ strong team of hardworking residential and commercial cleaners. And their team size increases to 35+ during peak seasons.


  • Tainted view of the team’s activities and work orders in absence of all-in-one scheduling tool.
  • Managers and owners wanted the ability to track progress remotely.
  • Risk of losing customers due to a broken quality check process.
  • Clients wanted to track the progress and communicate without phone calls or email.


The client searched for many cleaning management software solutions in the market, like Jobbers, Cleanguru, and Launch27. Even though all of them were offering the features their team was looking for, they wanted a tailor-made approach to include integrated cleaning workflow and content aligned with their cleaning business.

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  • “Through dedicated online sessions, we understood the essential functions important for the client to get going – mainly job tracking and sharing progress with customers. We parked aside other supporting features to focus only on delivering what was super-important to their business.”

Another big concern was data privacy. When subscribed to SaaS products, all your data lives on their server. You lose all control over your private business information. So, we built the whole customized cleaning business software solution for them from scratch and deployed it on the client’s preferred cloud platform. All the data is in complete control of the business itself. We continuously support them with post-maintenance service to ensure no bugs and new updates roll out periodically.

Cleaning Admin App

Manage essential aspects of the business.

    Our Client Had a Lot More Reasons To Go For a Custom Solution.

    Long-term saving - Even though a business spends a large sum initially, those with far-sighted vision view it as an initial investment. Because there are neither monthly/annual subscriptions nor there’s a need to pay more when the SaaS provider increases its fees.

    No additional cost for scalability - Imagine the expenses of growing a team during peak seasons! Some apps charge as high as $39 for each new member. The Bespoke app development just cuts through all of these. Businesses don’t need to pay an extra penny to manage their growing business.

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Create Job Screen

Approve or decline the team's time-off requests.

Time Spent on scheduling - 80% down

In the current landscape, when small businesses grapple with inflation and labor shortages, the owners must attend to employee retention. So, can a mobile application support the business with its retention strategies?

Certainly, it can. All businesses need is a thought-out scheduling method. In these situations, a tailor-made app development strategy shines.

Dispatchers have the complete schedule of all the work orders and cleaning crew members working on those in a list and calendar view, with tags like scheduled, unassigned, upcoming, in progress, and completed. They have the real-time availability of their team members. This makes it easy to match the right guy for the job orders.

Crew members can ask for time-off requests from the mobile app, about which the dispatchers are notified instantly. Seeing that cleaners work in shifts, they can also indicate their availability for preferred shifts, helping them maintain a work-life balance.

Dispatchers, while assigning the work orders to the crew members, have a clear view of how many hours they have worked in a week. Accordingly, they schedule the shifts, eliminating the risk of fatigue and ensuring equal work distribution.

Our team is actively collaborating with the client to gather feedback and enhance the on-the-go scheduling method.

Time off Requests Screen

All jobs in a single screen with their current status.

Inspection System Ensures Everything Is On-Time.

Wouldn’t your decision-making slow down if you’re unaware of the work progress? Uncertainty results in inevitable outcomes - low productivity, less control over work quality, overdue tasks, missed opportunities, and more.

Our client was stuck and wearing itself out with the hotch-potch of fragmented inspecting methods. Inspection sheets, checklists, notes, and work instructions are scattered over email, messaging apps, and paper sheets. Does this scenario sound familiar to you?

After just two months of using the inspection system, ideated in cooperation with the owner, the business has a feeling of control. The team is more confident about work quality and timely completion of tasks.

How it's done?

Better And Stronger Client Relationships

Trust is the key to success, both in life and in business. When people trust each other, great things can happen. Everyone involved - customers, employees, and owners - can be happy. Being transparent and honest about how things are moving lays the fertile ground for healthy customer relationships. It weeds out any anxieties and suspicions in the minds of customers.

In our Cleaning service software solution, we’ve also built a mobile interface for the customers. They get a push notification when the work starts. After that, they can keep track of the work progress, view and comment on the photos, and leave notes for the team.

Not to mention, customers can approve quotations, look up invoices, request new work orders, and see who will be working on them – all through an easy-to-use cleaning app. Now that our client’s customers are getting the hang of the app, the whole cleaning business team is happy to elevate and enhance their customer service experience.

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