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GoLang in 2022

Why use GoLang in 2022?

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 05 May, 2022

GoLang, conceptualized at Google by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson, has similarities to C. It was announced to the public in 2009 and made open source in 2012. It is a tool for professional programmers to achieve maximum effect with minimum effort. Go programming language was created to replace C++. Go uses good ideas from various programming languages while avoiding features that lead to complex, unstable, and unreliable code.

GoLang demand has been increasing for game development, cloud-based programming, server-side programming, and Data Science. It is also famous for making command-line tools. Many tech giants like Netflix, Twitch, Kubernetes, Docker, Heroku, Ethereum, Dropbox, and others use Go. GoLang was originally designed for cloud programming, so there is no surprise that it is the ideal choice for Kubernetes, Docker, and Heroku.

GoLang shouldn’t be ignored by developers and web development companies if they want to build reliable software at scale. So, what makes us propose this? Let us briefly outline it below:

1. Simple

Go programming language is one of the most uncomplicated languages in the industry currently. The simplicity of this language is one of the main reasons GoLang’s ranking jumped five places from the 10th to 5th most cherished programming language, according to the 2020 StackOverflow Developer Survey. Golang uses an orthogonal approach to keep things simple. Orthogonal means components are independent of each other.

2. Good Documentation

Often new programming languages lack proper documentation and tools to support development. However, that is not the case with GoLang. Although Go does not have vast third-party tools like Java, it comes with comprehensive tools that make coding easy for developers.

Go has easy-to-read and understandable documentation. Because the Go programming language is open-source, you will find various development tools. There are tools for documentation look-up, refactoring your code, generating code coverage of the test, memory outline, pointing out unreliable concurrent codes , etc. Various IDEs, editors, and plugins can readily be used with Go and downloaded from the Go GitHub repository.

3. Multipurpose

Go is a multipurpose language, meaning companies can use it for several purposes, such as cloud computing, data science, web development, etc. Companies that want to scale and build cloud solutions should consider Go because platforms like Amazon Web Services, Kubernetes, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) all support Go.

GoLang seamlessly compiles on most operating systems such as Linux, Windows, etc. Andrew Gerrand, a participant in the Go project and an engineer at Google, said that portability had been a critical consideration from the very beginning of the Go project.

4. Growing Pool of Talent

There has been a significant increase in developers who write code or desire to code in GoLang. According to Hired, GoLang demand has been swiftly increasing and is currently the #1 programming language and the 14th most used language by the developers , according to Stack Overflow. In fact, 62.74% of the respondents like to code in GoLang. Another Skills report by HackerRank shows that GoLang developers’ salary has increased by 33%.

Many developers are switching to the Go language because they face issues with scalability with other languages. It is a general-purpose language that you can use in various software industry domains. Because of its increasing popularity, companies can find developers who code in Go. Lately, there has been a massive increase in its usage to build web applications/services. There are remarkable frameworks for web development in Go: Revel, Gin Gonic, Beego, and many more.

5. Microservice Architecture

A microservice architecture divides the entire application into multiple manageable services. This distributed system enables the fast development of apps less complexly. Companies can use the specialized support services in the Go-kit and quickly adopt microservices and reap its benefits.

6. Modern Programming Approach.

The programming language market has seen a significant increase in developers who write code or desire to code in GoLang. There are no classes or inheritance in Go, and hence it does not impose object-oriented concepts. The absence of interpreters will free up resources on your apps, leading to better speed at the front-end. Another reason for the increase in GoLang demand is that it has less demanding system requirements. Because of this, Dailymotion, a video-sharing website hosted in France, uses GoLang to automate APIs and end-to-end test cases.

7. Multithreading and Concurrency

Modern hardware needs a programming language to support concurrency and scalability for future multicore systems. Have you come across the phrase that Go has built-in concurrency? Computer hardware is evolving faster than ever, and microprocessors with more cores are rising. Go is multithreaded and can perform concurrent executions on multiple cores. It can help companies scale-up performance and run things in parallel.

While most programming languages slow down when processing multiple threads, GoLang concurrent execution means that programming, compiling, and implementation are done substantially faster. GoLang has a real-time Garbage Collector (GC) for automatic memory management. This concurrent GC makes allocation and removal of objects without any pause and boosts the efficiency of applications.

8. Ideal for large projects

Even though the GoLang programming language is one of the young players, many big corporations like Google, Uber, SoundCloud, Twitch, Alibaba, PayPal, Medium , etc., are using it. For example, the Neo4j database of Medium is managed by a service written in Go, which they refer to as GoSocial. The popularity of Go in the software community is growing because of its multithreaded architecture, efficiency, and ease of use. Also, you don’t need an extensive tech stack to write programs and virtual machines or interpreters to compile Go, implying that apps developed with Go will be faster and have minor loading time.

9. Libraries

Go has high-quality parsing libraries that developers can easily plug into other libraries. You can easily write networking applications, like writing HTTP or TCP servers at the production level. You can invent your protocols with Go. Also, it has a lot of excellent libraries like netconf, ssh, etc., to play around with networks coupled with excellent performance. One could find code examples for almost any network-related function.

10. Scalable

Scalability is often an essential factor when selecting the programming language for a project. No company wants to be stuck when there is a need to add new features to the app. GoLang’s, because of amazing features listed above, has tremendous scope for scalability. For instance, Dropbox uses GoLang to efficiently manage more than 500 million users on its network. It also allows the execution of multiple functionalities to run simultaneously.

GoLang Future Scope:

The features of the Go language, such as fast compilation, garbage collection, and concurrency, will keep the language alive. At the same time, GoLang ranking has been increasing and is the 9th highest paying programming language. However, it is definitely a plus if a language is easy to learn and can perform these features. We also saw that many companies opt for Go to migrate their apps to the cloud, one of the biggest USPs of GoLang. While Go’s popularity is continuously growing, it is a relatively new language compared to languages such as Python, Java, & Typescript. Yet, the move to cloud technology is facilitating the shift to GoLang.

Final thoughts on the GoLang Future in 2022

No doubt, GoLang is a promising programming language, and GoLang’s ranking has been increasing over the years. It certainly appears GoLang is the programming language of the future. Go is simple, easy to learn, intuitive to run, and built with the purpose of scalability. With its increase in ranking and better pay, GoLang’s future seems bright. Considering the rising usage of cloud solutions, IoT, and new technologies like 5G, GoLang will lure more organizations since each one of them wants to reduce market time and operating expenses while increasing efficiency and security.

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