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Why choose Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)?

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 25 Oct, 2022

Nike is a prime example of how and why business can use a mobile app to outdo its competitors. However, building a successful mobile app requires amazing design — both in terms of UI and UX and a development approach that will unlock not only performance but saves business time and resources.

Essentially mobile app development can be divided into two parts:

  • Frontend: the user-side interface of the mobile app
  • Backend: the server-side functioning of the mobile app

In this blog, we will talk about mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), how it can help your business build solid apps at a rapid pace, and achieve what the big tech companies prefer – composable applications and agility.

Before giving full throttle on the development, you need to have a thorough knowledge of your target audience, therefore, conduct human-centered research to truly understand what needs & features of mobile apps should aim to address. This approach will render an intuitive approach to your mobile app development process.

What is the Backend of a Mobile App?

Backend is the foundation of any mobile app. All the functions an app user can perform on the front (on the mobile screen) are rendered functionality by the code (and algorithms) written in the backend.

Mobile App Backend can be developed in three ways:

Custom backend development
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

What is Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)?

Mobile Backend as a Software is a service-based model which facilitates backend development services to mobile apps and web apps, this includes database management, API management, third-party integrations, implementation of security measures, user authentication, push-notification, and cloud integration.

In a nutshell, MBaaS help mobile app, and digital product owners have ready-to-use robust backend solutions without worrying about building the backend from scratch.

Benefits and Features of MBaaS

Cloud Storage

The facility of cloud storage means that the mobile app owner doesn’t have to maintain on-premise backend servers, which might entail maintaining separate files, data, and logic storage. Maintaining servers is an expensive task, which might be heavy on the pockets of mobile app owners who are new in the market and do not have a huge profit turnover. MBaaS services provide their own servers to mobile app owners so that they can store heavy files, images, and infrequently used files in their already-built, robust backend cloud servers.

Another added benefit of cloud storage is that the data stored in the cloud servers can be accessed without any geographical constraints. This can either be directly provided by MBaaS or by file service API.

Facilitates User Management

When the mobile app owner uses the MBaaS platform, they don’t have to worry about managing and maintaining the servers. This is because the backend, as a service provider, takes care of server administration needs, user authentication, regular security updates, maintaining backups, regular scaling, and performance optimization of mobile apps.

Development of Business Logic

Every mobile app has a business logic that makes the mobile app unique and helps in offering smooth functioning of the backend servers. This might include user data management, freeing up of memory, and running backend computations.

Implementation of AL and ML algorithms helps in making mobile apps personalization, predicting of user-behavior, improving security, detecting fraud, and data mining.

Enables Third-Party Integrations

With Mobile Backend as a Service, the mobile app owner has to no longer worry about the compatibility of the backend servers with third-party apps such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Slack.

When you develop the backend from scratch, ensuing third-party integrations can be challenging.

API Management

API management can be a tricky business, and the MBaaS platform provides you with API management services in a number of ways. One way could be that the in-house mobile app developer can build and test a number of APIs on their end and then can use an MBaaS platform for final implementation.

Another way could be that sometime MBaaS provides tools to build and test the API as a part of their services. Here, some mobile app backend service providers also render the flexibility of no code API building tools as well. APIs are majorly responsible for rendering login facilities, push notifications, data service, etc.

Custom SDKs

Mobile Backend as a Service providers use custom Software Development Kits to connect APIs with the frontend servers of their clients, be it iOS or Android. Therefore, it also means that custom SDKs are compatible with all major mobile app development frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Unity, etc.

Seamless Frontend Integration

Because of its custom SDK feature and APIs, the MBaaS platform allows seamless integration (or API endpoints) with the frontend servers. It is a very significant feature as all the development in the backend server has to run and facilitate the user interface of the mobile app.

Saves Time and Resources and is Ideal for MVP development

When you are a mobile app owner who is still in the initial phase of digital product development, you need first need to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The whole purpose of building an MVP—an initial product with fundamental features of the digital product—you need to reduce the time to market span so that you can collect user feedback and keep on improving the digital product using agile methodologies.

Here, the use of a mobile backend as a service model is advisable for building the backend server infrastructure. This is because the mobile app owner will not have to invest a huge amount of money in the development of MVP backend servers. The in-house development team will not have to spend time and resources developing APIs, databases, server management, etc.

Moreover, it will save them a lot of time because of its quick delivery and ready-to-use model, which can be used to improve the MVP using agile methodologies.
Ready to use Cross-Platform Data Delivery

This is one of the most helpful features of an MBaaS platform. Developers often find it challenging to develop backend development that caters to both iOS, Android, and other platforms.

But when you use MBaaS platform services, you have received backend solutions that are compatible with all your platform needs.

A contemporary MBaaS platform provides Software development Kits (SDKs) that are easy to connect and function smoothly with popular frontend languages such as iOS/Swift, Android/Java, and JavaScript.

This feature enables cross-platform deployment of the backend with a single code base.

Database Management

When you choose an MBaaS platform, there is no need to develop a separate database management system. It is because MBaaS solutions provide you with database management infrastructures. Some of the popular database management systems are Oracle, MySQL, MongoDB, SQLite, etc.

Ensuring Security

Backend stores some of the most sensitive information of the mobile app, which might include business logic and the algorithms which make the mobile app unique from their customer. A good MBaaS provider provides the provision of encrypting data so that the data remains secure.

Although it is important to note that the mobile app owner and the in-house development team do not have control over the encryption model, and it is handled solely by the MBaaS platform.

Easier Scalability

As your mobile app business grows, the need for backend infrastructure increases. If your mobile app backend is developed by an in-house team, then you will have to spend more time and resources to expand the existing infrastructure to meet your growing needs.

Whereas, if you are using Mobile Backend as a Service, you just have to upgrade your backend plan with your mobile app backend service provider. Your backend service provider handles all these tasks for you. Thus, rendering easy scalability to your mobile app backend needs.

Popular MBaaS Platforms

There are numerous Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) software available in the market which can help you and your mobile app development journey (and beyond that). But it is your responsibility to choose the right backend development company which will help you with robust backend solutions. Before selecting your MBaaS solutions service provider, keep in mind that your MBaaS provides:

  • secure server-side code storage
  • database architecture
  • cloud services, SDKs, APIs and
  • easy integration and management of internal data
  • facilitate communication among the servers

Some of the most popular MBaas Providers are:

popular mbaas platform


Acquired by Google, Firebase is the most popular MBaaS provider in the market. Any industry giants, such as The New York Times, Lyft, Duolingo, etc., use Firebase as their MBaaS provider.

AWS Amplify

AWS Amplify is one of the most versatile MBaaS providers. It has a collection of user interface components and a command-line interface, which are helpful to mobile app developers in building UI/UX-friendly mobile applications.


This MBaaS was founded in 2014 and had been helping numerous Fortune 500 companies such as Dell, Capegami, and Accenture with their backend needs.

Progress Kinvey

This backend service provider was founded in 2010 and provides enterprise-level backend solutions to streamline the development and deployment of backend servers and their integration with front-end servers.

The next time you use a mobile app, just think about the complex web of backend codes that are making your mobile app experience fast and intuitive. Each set of backend code is enabled by business logic, APIs and SDKs, database management, and much more.

Mobile app development involves a lot of decision-making in terms of design, development, and marketing. With our cross-platform mobile app development solutions, our custom mobile app development company have been serving our clients with world-class mobile app development and design solutions for years. We would love to join you as your technology partner. Come share your idea with us.

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