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What Makes Laravel Better Than Other Frameworks?

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 06 Feb, 2020

Laravel latest version is 5.7 ,launched in the year 2018, which is blessed with top-notch features and makes the task of developers relatively easier. Laravel is a highly secured framework that makes the entire process of data migration smooth.

When it comes to web application development, businesses first and foremost focus on choosing the proper framework. In the course of selecting the frameworks, they come across a plethora of options. And it sometimes creates difficulty for them to opt for the right one.

Not confusing you with tons of options, we are bringing this blog for you that will focus on Laravel development for Web applications.

It has been the most popular choice among many developers since its launch to perform coding work efficiently. Be its cutting-edge features, syntax patterns, or simplicity, Laravel has tantalized developers’ sense for various reasons. And you will not find any difficulty when it comes to hiring the best Laravel development company.

Every new version of Laravel is launched with the most promising features that help developers create next-generation web applications. Leveraging Laravel, developers find it relatively easier to customize the products based on the specific needs of their clients. So, getting in touch with a Laravel development agency will help you develop futuristic software for your business.


Reasons Why Laravel is the Best Framework Compared to Others

Reasons Why Laravel is the Best Framework Compared to Others

Let’s delve into the facts that will give you a complete understanding of why Laravel is better than other frameworks.



While talking about some of the significant characteristics of Laravel, it’s good to start with customizability. Laravel is highly customizable and helps developers create the right products matching the custom needs of your business.

The framework is available with pre-designed packages, which Laravel developers can customize to match your business requirements. Thanks to its structure that gives developers complete control of how things occur.

Simple Authentication Process

Simple Authentication Process

Laravel includes a simple authorization process. You will discover everything with a proper configuration. It consists of a simple method for organizing authorization logic and controls access to a range of resources. It helps owners get rid of the stress of unauthorized access for data theft or other purposes.

MVC Support

MVC Support

Laravel is available with MVC (Model View Controller) support, including Symfony, which plays a crucial role in ensuring perfect clarity between presentation and logic.

The great advantage of MVC support is that it helps enhance performance and ensures excellent documentation. It enables Laravel developers to leverage its range of in-built functions to develop apps of different sizes.

Object-Oriented Libraries

Object-Oriented Libraries

It’s another reason why Laravel is better than those of other PHP frameworks. Laravel includes a large number of object-oriented libraries and a lot of pre-installed ones.

When it’s about the Authentication library, it is one of the most popular pre-installed libraries, which includes several features like password reset, encryption, Bcrypt hashing, and others.

Mail Service Integration

Mail Service Integration

An expeditious and robust communication system is something that keeps a great importance for every business. Mailing is the most significant part of the communication system that serves a variety of purposes for businesses.

With Laravel, for professionals, it’s easy to create a mailing system, either cloud-based or local. The mailing system makes it possible to send messages or notifications through multiple delivery channels.

Quick Development Time

Quik Development Time

Another popular reason to choose laravel development services is to choose the right frameworks for building web apps. The framework reduces developers’ time even if they code highly customized products with multiple features and functionalities.

The reason is that Laravel includes a wide range of libraries. This, on the other hand, also gives a genuine sense to app owners by reducing their web app development costs.

Packaging System

Packaging System of Laravel

When it comes to the laravel packaging system, it is concerned about dealing with a myriad of libraries. Also, it supports software, which is helpful for a web application for automating the entire process.

Besides, the composer that this framework uses as a dependency manager helps manage all crucial information required for adequately managing packages. It would be best if you kept in mind that packages play a vital role in catalyzing development.

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Number of File Systems

Number of File Systems in Laravel

Laravel is also blessed with many built-in support systems for RackSpace Cloud Storage and Amazon S3. It’s indeed quite convenient when it comes to switching among such storage alternatives. The main reason behind this is API remains the same for every system.


Cost-Effective of Laravel

Laravel comes with the ability to use already available models. Besides, its higher customization ability is another reason that makes laravel development for web app development cost-effective. It helps developers create apps by integrating only those features and functionalities based on custom business requirements. It reduces the cost of the end product. Moreover, hiring a Laravel developer is relatively affordable than those professionals using other frameworks.


We hope this blog may have given you a clear understanding of why Laravel gets an edge over other frameworks. If you are also looking to develop a web application, it’s time to hire a Laravel package development company.

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