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Web Development Trends : Top 8 Trends Expected in 2022

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 01 Apr, 2021

In the world of web development, technology keeps evolving. Therefore, web developers must stay updated with the latest website development trends to provide the best web design services. As we grow, our website must be technologically revolutionized with the latest features that deliver a supreme user-experience.


Did you know? There are over 1.7 billion websites that exist, and this number varies every second a website is designed and developed or removed. Despite the flow, the latest website development trends are massive, and over 4.5 billion people worldwide contribute to online interaction. It is crucial to hire web developers familiar with the latest website development trends to sustain the edge of the competition.

web development trends in 2022

We are sharing a comprehensive guide with you about web development trends in 2022. To make it possible for you, we have gathered market demand from several IT industry fields and made a list based on it to explain the future of web development.

Table of Contents

1. Progressive Web Apps

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

3. Responsive Websites

4. Voice Search Optimization

5. API-First Development

6. Push Notifications

7. AI-Powered Chatbots

8. Motion UI

1. Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App is one of the latest website development trends of 2022. According to many studies, PWAs have 36% greater conversion rates than native apps. The primary object of PWAs is to deliver a mobile-app-like experience among the user across many devices. In contrast, PWA is a website that offers functionality available to native apps like offline access, hardware access, pushes notifications.

Recent research shows that mobile use dominates over other services of devices such as tables or desktops. Similarly, there is a massive gap between using mobile browsers and mobile apps. In short, the application accounts for more than 80% of the time users contribute with their gadgets.

That’s a significant difference, and PWAs can change the situation by troubleshooting issues that users hate about the website the most, like slowness, no offline access, and lacking experience.

Technology to Use for Progressive Web App Development:

Technology to Use for Progressive Web App Development:

Here are some credit companies that have applied PWA and utilize its benefits for their Business:

1. Alibaba

2. Forbes

3. Twitter

4. Virgin America

5. The Washington Post

Price Difference

Based on our practical experience, creating a complicated PWA project takes over 4x less time than native app development for IOS and Android. The reason could be apparent, no requirement to build an app from scratch for each platform. Some products will not require any applicants at all.

The primary concern in turning an established website into a PWA is the time needed for this type of web development service and depends on set tasks’ complications.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Google is continuously taking broad steps to enhance the mobile browsing experience. The Accelerate Mobile Pages was introduced in 2015, and today, it’s one of the latest trends of website design and development.

AMP technology was developed to enhance the page loading speed and maximize user experience across various mobile devices. AMP pages load in 2 seconds, whereas it takes up to 22 seconds for non-AMP pages.

Technology to Use for Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Technology to Use for Accelerated Mobile Pages:

Here are some of the top benefits of AMP that you can acquire for a perfect Website Design and Development:

1. Since Google gives much priority to speed websites, AMP pages will increase the websites’ loading speed and visibility.

2. AMP technology is highly significant for search engine optimization.

3. Using AMP technology helps the websites to appear more responsive in SERP.

Finally, use this HTML and introduce AMP technology to your web design.

3. Responsive Websites

Responsive Websites

A complete Responsive Website is a dream of any company that provides website development services. Response website designs operate smoothly across many devices such as desktops, laptops, phones, and tablets. Before the innovation of smartphones and tablets, it wasn’t required to include responsive website design in web design services. Today, it is one of the main factors for a responsive website, especially when you give your users much importance.

It is mandatory to design your website in a way that keeps your web pages responsible. Google is planning to launch its first mobile indexing, which means the website’s ranking will depend on how well it’s optimized for mobile uses.

Technology to Use for Developing Responsive Websites:

Web Development Trends in technology

Here are the top trending Responsive Designs:

1. Vector Graphics: you should use vector graphics rather than dealing with raster graphics. The main difference that very much effects Website Design and Development in between both is that vector graphic use points on a vector map to create a specific design, whereas a raster graphic is a typical plain old image using pixels on a bitmap.

2. Hidden Menus: It is another trend in Responsive design that is crucial for the web development trends 2022. It makes the home page look artistic and minimal.

3. Single Long-Scrolling Page:  Single long scrolling page includes one main page of a website with nearly all the main contents hosted on a single page. You can consider this type of site as another trend for creating one-page websites in eCommerce development.

4. Card-Based Design: In this Web design, you can organize information into a partner of a grid. All the information will be collected into “cards” in an appealing way, including a distinctive image or block of text. You should consider this design because it can rearrange its structures as per the user’s screen size.

4. Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization in Web Development Trends

Voice search is another yet important Web Development Trend 2022. It is hugely impacting the web, and more is yet to come. About 30% of all searches will be done without using a screen by 2022 says, Gartner. That’s why voice search optimization can be considered one of the crucial elements in web developer future trends. Besides, the number of smart speakers is rising every single year. There will be around 21.5 million smart speakers in the USA by 2022 suggested by Activate outlook.

Not to mention, voice commerce sales are also assumed to grow over $5 billion in the UK and $40 billion in the United States by 2022

Technology to Use for Voice Search Optimization in Web Development

Web Development Trends in technology

Here are some of the foremost Benefits of Voice Search Optimization in Web Development and for Users:

1. Voice search optimization is becoming one of the primary factors in part of your SEO strategy. If you adopt early, you will be ahead of the competition.

2. Voice technology drastically saves time for users.

3. This technology is multilingual and utterly simple.

4. The Voice search feature can answer potential customers’ questions immediately. Whereas traditional web search where users have to open web pages and type their queries.

5. It provides instant results, so there is no waiting for web pages to load.

6. Users will not have to struggle for basic information with voice search technology.

These reasons are enough to showcase why you should adopt voice search optimization on your website.

5. API-First Development

API Web Development Trends

API-first development is one of the primary factors for well-prepared connectivity with other applications. When a company mainly focuses on building a web or mobile solution, they don’t pay much attention to API development.

It is where the tendency for API-first development comes in the game. The main problem with the traditional approach is a time-consuming API design process. It highly increases development expenses and service market entry time.

Technology to Use for API-First in Web Development

The traditional API Development cycle is like this:


1. Here the R & D team has to create a design.

2. Back-end developers have to work on a prototype.

3. Other groups, like QA engineers and front-end developers, have to wait.

4. Until the prototype is ready, front-end developers and QA get access to it.

5. In case of any new feature development or bug, this cycle has to be repeated repeatedly.

On the other hand, API-first development is synchronous and does not force anyone to wait until they finish the required task. Consequently, it becomes one of the most adaptable technologies since API is made, and all teams can work with it.

6. Push Notifications

Push notifications are a must-have tool for enhancing the user experience and marketing implementation of the company. However, mobile applications traditionally have a powerful and flexible capacity to send notifications to users.

In web apps, push notifications are used to provide crucial data and information to end-users. For example, they send a notification for a new blog, new essential updates for your products, etc. These features are possible to get without registering and leaving any personal information like email. This provides an additional medium for bloggers and companies to interact with their potential audience and provide better marketing opportunities.

Technology to Use for Push Notifications in Web Development

Here are some fascinating advantages of using Push Notification:

1. Customer retention: Push notifications can help you send important reminders to your audience about your new products. Sometimes users forget about your brand. This helps to maintain customer loyalty.

2. Engagement: It helps grab more attention from your audience to your offers, and push notification can be more personalized and relevant. It’s where behaviour-based messaging can be powerful for customer engagement.

3. Conversions: It has a remarkable ability to derive conversion simply via push notification.

7. AI-Powered Chatbots

A large segment of business work across many time zones and have representation in various regions. Thus, it becomes a very complex and costly task for the arrangement of good customer service. It is more serious when it comes to delivering 24/7 support than is required in this case. Recent website development trends have shifted towards automated, instant client support.

AI-powered chatbots and machine learning demonstrated to be worthy of long-term investment for automatic function purposes. These two techniques can answer FAqs, assist with the right human client, also make an order to describe or show relevant results, etc.

According to a recent survey, almost 37% of participants answered they would use chatbots for “receiving a quick answer in an emergency,” and 35% of them said they would use chatbots for “resolving a problem.”

Technology to Use for AI-Powered Chatbots in Web Development

Here are some of the main features of AI-Powered Chatbots:

1. Recorded answer: For any Website Design Chatbots are great technology to provide recorded solutions. It helps both customers and support agents to remember the conversation, and customers can take screenshots.

2. Endless patience: There have been many times when customers need instant solutions. It seems like a human-related problem, yet chatbots can deliver instant replies and solutions that no human can provide.

3. Increase sales: Bots can boost sales because of 24*7 availability and fast responses.

4. Reaching new customers: Bots can also help in acquiring new customers because of their responsive features.

8. Motion UI

Every single product aims to be more engaging as possible. Motion UI library is the best solution to capture user’s attention with eye-catching animations. The library has tons of animating design elements with multiple features that let developers use it as they want. Simultaneously, it is flexible and works with all the JavaScript frameworks, making it an excellent tool for many use cases. In contrast, Motion UI is a crucial part of the latest website development trends providing higher usability.

Before you hire web developers make sure that your Web Developer has prior experience in Motion UI. As Motion UI is one of the most crucial and the most tricky website development trend.

Technology to Use for Motion UI in Web Development

Here are some of the best advantages of Motion UI:

1. Motion UI is user-friendly, convenient, and easy interaction features

2. It helps to provide precise feedback to the user and help to maintain their expectation

3. Motion UI helps immensely to create attractive and stylish vial design.


As a web developer, it’s your responsibility to have proper knowledge and skills and the correct information related to the future of web development. It will enable you to provide comprehensive website development services with the latest update. We have shared some of the top web development future trends that you should consider for building your project.

Whether you are a website developer or looking to hire web developers, our respective trends can facilitate your website development journey while diminishing your labour costs and significantly speeding your website’s visibility with the latest modern tools. Progressive Web Apps and Accelerated Mobile Pages, along with Artificial Intelligence ChatBots, are some of the best future web development trends that you must consider.

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