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Develop a Website and Basic Website Requirement to Design

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 29 Sep, 2020

Develop a Website at NetMaxims, we also provide website consulting services on various things like designing the website, whether related to sales, marketing or business. Before you hire the web development team from NetMaxims, we would love to collect the following information from you- 

  •  Do you have an existing brand or want to start a new business.
  •  Confirm the business functions of the website.
  •  Share the website addresses that impress you in terms of look and feel, and functionality.
  •  Explain the goals and requirements of the website.

According to the requirements above, we propose the Scope, Schedule, and Budget approved by the client. However, any changes in the Project scope are appended to Project Plan, reflected in invoices and milestones.

 Website Development Technical Requirements

echnical Requirements for Website Development

Now let’s begin with the simple checklist that you need for website development. Now make a note that we provide end to end services when it comes to website development.

Moreover, from buying a domain for you to begin with your website’s SEO and marketing, we can provide all the services you might need. 

 Before we begin with the actual Web development process, it is essential to have a Domain and Hosting. Let’s understand a bit about it before going further. 

Domain Registration

  However, you must have a domain registered for your business. Moreover, You can choose companies like, etc. Our 

Hosting Technologies

You must have hosting that can provide the following technologies:-

  1. PHP (scripting language)
  2. MYSQL (database)
  3. Apache/Linux (hosting environment)
  4. Log in details for the website hosting control panel must be provided.

Website Development Process

Now once we have selected the perfect domain name and hosting has been chosen. Then comes the time to start with the technical perspectives of Website development. The technological process that we provide as a website development company includes-

1- Choosing the best platform for you

2- End-to-End website development

3- Adding SSL Certificate to your website

4- Setting up with Google Analytics, Google tag manager & Google Search Console accounts for your website. 

Website Platform

Several website builders or platforms can build up the website like wordpress, Shopify, etc. If you are unaware of any platform, our technical team will assist you as it depends on your business requirements.

Read Our Blog: Web Development : Top 8 Technologies And Frameworks 

End-to-End Website Development

Now, this is something that one can not explain in one single blog. Therefore we have another blog entirely focusing on end-to-end website development services that we provide.

Develop a Website with SSL Security

Adding an SSL 2048-bit key certificate on your site will give you a ranking boost on Google that encourage all website owners to switch from HTTP to HTTPS to keep everyone safe on the web.

Develop a Website with Google Analytics

It gives you free tools that help you in analyzing the performance of your website.

Develop a Website with Good Communication

develop a Website

For any website development company and their clients, good communication is a must as it is required to make a Proposal, Project Plan and Milestones that can meet your expectations. Our strategic team makes the following deliverables ready for every website design.

    •  The sitemap for a website structure
    •  Wireframes that define usability and content layout
    •  Content analysis to drive visitor conversions
    •  Designs that reflect your brand.
    •  Development plans for the functionality of the website
    •  SEO strategy to generate traffic.

Even if you have doubts before hiring a website development company. Read why any business must hire an experienced web development company

Maintaining Results

Once the website is launched, our support team will always be available to service your more routine requests such as:-

  •  Fixing Technical errors/bugs
  •  CMS understanding
  •  Hosting Issues
  •  Enhancements to the website

Our Strategists team will stay in touch with you to discuss further updates in the website for bigger plans, and once requirements are finalized, new website design requirements will be considered for development.

Moreover, our website design and development team clearly understand the website design requirements and diligently explain the process throughout our relationship working together.

So, Do you like the process, contact us to make a website for your business


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