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The concept of free and fair elections is a cornerstone of democracy. Still, in many countries, the electoral process is plagued by voter fraud, ballot tampering, and inaccurate vote counting. Nigeria is no exception, where citizens have long been wary of the electoral process due to these issues.

However, our client - Hijuka LLC, believes that technology can be leveraged to enhance the transparency and credibility of the electoral process in Nigeria. They came up with the idea of developing a web and mobile app platform called VotesMonitor, designed to provide a more efficient and accurate way for political parties' agents to submit election results.

All they needed now was an excellent mobile app development service team and designers who could pull off their ideas.


About Votesmonitor

Netmaxims and Hijuka LLC collaborated to develop VotesMonitor, a web platform and Progressive Web Application (PWA). The app is designed to enhance the electoral process in Nigeria by allowing political parties' agents to submit election results directly from the polling unit on the day of the election.

  • The app securely stores the electoral sheets and real-time election results for different states, Local Government Areas (mdAs), and wards across the country.
  • By collating and displaying the real-time election results, VotesMonitor empowers citizens and political parties to monitor the progress of the election and get an indication of which party and candidate is winning before the official announcement by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).
  • VotesMonitor is user-friendly and robust, making it a valuable tool for enhancing transparency and credibility in the electoral process.

Understanding The Interconnected Parts Of A System
As Complex As The Nigerian Elections

To build a successful digital or physical product, you need to have an intimate understanding of every aspect. That's especially true for something as crucial as digitizing the election results process in Nigeria, where the stakes are high, and every vote counts. We did several rounds of remote interviews with the client's team to get a sense of the hierarchy underlying the elections.


Through These Interviews, We Delved Deep Into The Election Process, From The Lowest
Administrative Division To The Highest. The Initial Interview Goals Were:

  • Grasp every nuance, detail, and challenge the process presents.
  • Know how the officials on the ground collect the votes, transmit the results, and how those results get tallied and verified at each level.

Understanding the hierarchy of the election process was crucial to our efforts to digitize the ‘Result Process’ with VotesMonitor. The task required patience. Therefore, we took some time to understand it correctly. Nevertheless, we enjoyed it to the core.

Through interviews with the client's team, we learned that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) provides an electoral sheet to each political party's agents for every polling unit. This sheet includes all the votes that each party received in that unit. The results on each sheet are then collated to calculate the corresponding ward, Local Government Area (mdA), and state results.


Mapping Understanding
Into A Digital Solution

To move this process to a digital system, we developed a provision on VotesMonitor that allows political parties to create accounts for their on-field polling unit agents. These agents can then submit the results in the app per the electoral sheet, ensuring accuracy and transparency in the process.

Political parties can create user accounts for various administrative divisions and election types like they can create accounts for polling unit agents. This feature allows seamless management of the entire election result process, from the lowest administrative level to the highest, using VotesMonitor's digital system.


On the other hand, Google Cloud Vision OCR's results were highly superior. To quantify:

  • Result submission takes merely 5-6 seconds on a 3G network.
  • On average, results are 95% accurate.

Automating The Process Of Results Submission.

The client wanted a better process for result submission and wanted us to find a way to automate it. We took on the challenge and utilized cutting-edge computer vision technology to streamline the process.
By incorporating Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, we could automate the entire process of result submission at the polling unit level, eliminating the need to look at the electoral sheet repeatedly and reducing even the slightest friction.

  • For training, our development team selected 15 electoral sheets to make the OCR model learn specific font styles, layouts, and text patterns used in the electoral sheet.
  • Our senior app developer then selected two OCR APIs - Tesseract and Google OCR. The former is open source, whereas the latter is paid. After modeling both APIs for our particular use case, we found that Tesseract won't serve our purpose. The results stored were highly inaccurate, and the whole process took significant time.
  • Though, it's worth mentioning that the accuracy still dramatically depends on the quality of the images. Mainly the orientation of uploaded sheets. Also, the numerical values on the sheets are handwritten. So, decent handwriting, too, is necessary for proper results.
  • The last step was to host the APIs on a secure server. We finalized AWS EC2 as it provides resizable computing capacity in the cloud, and clients pay only for the resources used.

With our system, polling unit users can simply upload the electoral sheet, click on a submit button, and within seconds, the results are stored in the app's database. This not only speeds up the submission process but also adds an extra layer of transparency to the election process. Now, anyone can view the electoral sheet and verify the accuracy of the submitted results.

Managing Tight Deadlines


One of the biggest concerns for any client is timely delivery, and for the platform VotesMonitor, it was even more crucial because the platform had to be ready for the day of the election. Failing to meet this deadline would render the entire purpose of the platform useless, which could be demotivating for both the business and the team. To manage this tight schedule, we decided to develop a Progressive Web App (PWA) version of the web platform instead of developing a cross-platform mobile app. This decision saved us a significant amount of time.

We made sure that our code was easily adaptable to PWA, which allowed us to optimize our development process to receive quick feedback. By iterating quickly, we not only reduced our development time but also enhanced the overall quality of the product.

Another critical factor that contributed to the quick delivery of this complex project was establishing a good rapport and clear communication with our clients. We are grateful for our clients' readiness to clear our queries, and we loved the dynamic collaboration with the stakeholders. This approach enabled us to stay on track and deliver the project on time.


Ensuring The Authenticity Of Results

In today's digital age, news spreads at lightning speed through social media. On election day in Nigeria, citizens eagerly await the election results. On the VotesMonitor app, citizens and political parties get collated results way earlier than INEC's official announcement. However, if the results are not correctly verified and spread over the internet, it can create havoc, and the app would be deemed a big failure.

To ensure the authenticity of results, the VotesMonitor app has implemented a verification process. Polling unit agents submit the results on the app, and higher-level users, known as ward users, verify these results. Until the result of a polling unit is not verified, a 'Non-Verified' tag is displayed to everyone who is viewing the result of that unit. This step provides transparency to the verification process, ensuring the results are reliable.

After verification, the polling unit agent can no longer modify the result in the app of that particular polling unit. This feature further enhances the platform's credibility, as users now can no longer change the verified results.

If the ward user finds any discrepancies in the results, they can raise a 'Discrepancy,' and everyone on the app is notified. This feature allows for a quick resolution of any issues that arise and reinforces the integrity of the verification process.



Both stakeholders and our team took the authenticity of election results seriously. The platform's verification process, Non-Verified tag, and the ability to raise discrepancies all work together to ensure that the results are accurate, reliable, and trustworthy. These steps are critical for maintaining public trust and confidence in the app and ensuring the success of VotesMonitor.

Crucial Features In The Votesmonitor App


Political Parties’ Team registration, along with unique roles.


Admin features to modify and update the election structure.


Result submission via OCR technology.


Verification process.


In-app messaging with team members.


Manage election candidates list for different election types.

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Government: Tailored For General Elections, Local And Regional Elections, Referendums, Legislative Voting, Public Opinion Polls, Citizen Feedback And Surveys.


Key Features Of Online Voting Platform:

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  • Web App Access
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  • Voter Authentication
  • Voter Notifications
  • Web App Access
  • Web App Access
  • 256-Bit Encryption

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