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An AI assistive app to transform people into confident communicators.

uSpeek’s Story

Every one of us wishes to create charm through our personality. How well we hold the attention of groups, the public, interviewers, or our friends and family depends on the clarity of communication. Words are only one facet of communication; our body language and tone of voice are equally crucial to making our arguments resonate. Mrs. Jenny Narang, who has extensive experience coaching thousands in non-verbal communication, chose NetMaxims to synthesize her knowledge with modern technology to assist people from all backgrounds sharpen their communication.

uSpeek in a nutshell

The founders' idea was uSpeek - an AI-based app to improve your body language and speech. The solution works on three crucial aspects of communication - body language, vocal tone, and word power. It offers convenience in learning the best practices with a high degree of personalization. Users get an easy-to-comprehend, detailed report - generated using machine learning, computer vision, and NLP algorithms - showing their performance on 28 communication parameters. Some of these are hand movement, pitch, frequency of repeated words, etc. Add to that, the word power analysis works in multiple languages.


uSpeek’s audience is diverse. It’s used both individually and at the enterprise level. Therefore, its UX, which includes UI, microcopy, and micro-animations, needs to be as such that it is not only usable but fun too. We believe products should be the right balance of functionality and emotions. uSpeek’s founders were clear that the app should be engaging, express hospitality, and motivate users for improvement.

We needed to ensure that the underlying architecture supports scalability for long-term growth. Since the app includes data-intensive resources like videos and learning lessons, we knew we would have to roll up our sleeves for perfect performance optimization.

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Features our team implemented

After spending days understanding the founders' vision, doing user research, and brainstorming, we began the digital transformation by developing a web app and eventually a hybrid app that will work on Android and iOS.

  • Setting the foundation with the right UX: Optimized the micro-content to express the essence of the product and its features. Fine-tuned all the pages' UI to make them engaging and visually aesthetic. We put special focus on crafting the content and UI of the pricing page crystal clear.

    The placement of the CTA button and the content inside them strongly correlate with conversions. Keeping this in mind, our team ensured CTAs on Uspeek are human-centric, not machine-centric.
  • Clear and concise reports are the most defining and helpful feature as it gives users the yardstick by which they get to know the lessons they should focus on. We build reports that have all the details yet are clutter-free. Our tests showed users readily interact and spend time with these reports.
  • A dashboard that inspires users to improve themselves: One of our crucial motives was to inspire users to create a habit of learning and improving. We designed and developed a dashboard that is comprehensive yet not overwhelming to them.

    The dashboard is the first screen users interact with after logging in and our opportunity to encourage them. It shows their average score, improvement chart, affirmative messages, top strengths, and weak areas.
  • Learning Lessons: Our developers worked on the smooth and fast loading of lessons as all of these are in video format. Our testing showed almost no lag in navigating from one lesson to another - even on slow networks.
  • Subscription plans and Payment Gateways: After consideration with the clients, we integrated Razorpay API for payment transactions. Our UX team spent considerable time designing a confusion-free layout of subscription plans.
  • Made the web app SEO-friendly: Our SEO team implemented technical SEO to help the marketing team work on the content, increase their online visibility and gain organic traffic.


Over 10K+ users.

Increased traction among enterprises.

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An AI assistive coaching to help people improve their communication.


  • PHP
  • React Native
  • Slim PHP framework
  • MySQL


  • Learning lessons on broad facets of communication
  • Personalized Report
  • Body language analyses
  • Vocal tone analyses
  • Word power analyses in multiple languages
  • Inspiring dashboard

Make NetMaxims as your technology partner to build a personalized education app.

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