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An AR app for virtually trying different hair color shades

Social media companies have observed increased engagement with AR filters. These have captured the attention of people across different demographics and ages. Some hugely popular AR filters: find your celebrity look-alike, predict age or even when you will be married, space face, etc. Besides entertainment, retail brands - more so after COVID - are incorporating AR to help customers visualize products in a 3D space. Undoubtedly, it helps people make better decisions which reduces the return rate for eCommerce stores.

Analyzing the trend, our client - Radico - too thought of building AR filters for better engagement and conversions. Radico is an Indian company passionate about organic cosmetics that manufactures and markets organic hair colors. The company has a global presence with its products certified by EcoCert - a leading European organization working for a sustainable world.

Radico Hair Color AR app

With this AR app, you can experiment with different hair colors and find out in real-time what hair color will look best on you. Accordingly, you can purchase the one with certain confidence among 24 color shades. This app works on both iOS and Android.

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Features we implemented

  • Try a look: An AR experience where customers can try on different hair color shades within a few seconds.
  • Consistent User Experience: Besides technological implementation, many AR filters and apps fail because of inconsistent UI and UX. Our experience and experimenting with AR apps show users are most frustrated when they spend too much time positioning their phones correctly, and even then, the camera cannot detect the augmenting surface.

    We ensured there were no glitches and users didn’t have to spend considerable time orienting their phones to augment color shades on the hair.


Radico is better able to market its product, satisfy millennial and present itself as a company eager to use emerging technologies to help its customers.


NetMaxims and Radico have developed mutual respect along the app design process. Consequently, we are working on redesigning their website, developing it into an eCommerce store, and implementing Try-on Look functionality on the web as well. We are also making it SEO-friendly to help their marketing team increase the brand’s visibility in Google rankings and gain organic traffic.

app design process

Radico Hair Color app allows customers to try different looks quickly and make more informed decisions.


  • Virtual try-on
  • Intuitive AR experience
  • Consistent User Experience

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