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B2B buying processes can be complex, involving multiple individuals with diverse roles and responsibilities. As a result, customer acquisition in the B2B space can be challenging for businesses, requiring them to create a strong belief in their ability to solve customer problems quickly and effectively.

In the post-COVID era, personalized experiences have become even more critical for B2B brands seeking to differentiate themselves and build lasting customer relationships. Our client, a supplier of shoes and sneakers for the promotional market based in the Netherlands, recognized the importance of providing a personalized customer journey for its clients. To achieve this goal, they partnered with NetMaxims web & mobile app development company to develop a web-based shoe customization tool that allows customers to customize their shoes according to their preferences.

Promosneakers - Shoe Customization Tool

Promosneakers is not just another shoe customization tool - it's a digital playground that empowers customers to better express their unique needs and preferences. Our real-time visualization feature enables customers to make confident decisions.

We take pride in our customer-centric approach, which involves mapping customer needs through in-depth interviews and transforming them into a dynamic and engaging digital platform. We aim to help businesses like yours enhance their B2B customer journey by providing an interactive experience that drives engagement and loyalty.

Whether customizing shoe
Colors, Textures or Logos

Promosneakers puts the power in the hands of the customer, making it easier than ever to create a shoe that truly reflects their brand and identity.

B2B buyers are discerning - they make decisions methodically, and time is of the essence. In a world where B2C experiences have raised the bar, B2B customers also expect a high-quality experience. That's where personalization comes in - it's no longer an anomaly but a norm.

Don't just take our word for it - the stats speak for themselves. According to research, 72% of business buyers expect vendors to personalize engagements to their needs. Furthermore, a staggering 67% of B2B buyers have switched vendors in search of a more consumer-like experience. And that's not all - a whopping 80% of customers are likelier to buy from companies that offer a personalized experience.

With a shoe customization tool, Promosneakers provides customers with a digital space to stylize shoes according to their brand identity. The process doesn’t take much time and we ensured the tool is as simple as editing photos on a mobile.

01 Change the type of shoe

Promosneakers offers a wide range of shoe models. Our dedicated web developers and designers created a high-quality 2D rendering of every model to ensure there are insignificant gaps between the real shoe and their digital representation. Though we recommended the 3D rendering, our client had time and budget constraints. So, we provided clear lateral and rear views to make 2D models more accessible.

02 Customize the color and material

Each shoe model comes with its own unique set of colors and textures to choose from. For instance, the Vegan shoe category is made of Vegan Leather and Vegan Suede materials, while the Promotional category mainly consists of polyester. Customers can change the color of different parts of a shoe (shown in the graphic). While representing colors in the customization tool was straightforward, accurately portraying textures proved more challenging, especially when multiple colors were involved.

03 Stylize with text

With this web tool, customers of Promosneakers can stylize the shoes with text by changing font size, font style, and color. Although there is a limit to the number of characters allowed, customers can place the text on the side and back of the shoe. A custom text helps their customers stylize shoes to suit their brand identity better.

04 Place logo in different styles

A logo has quite a high value when considering expressing a brand’s identity. That's why we created a feature that lets businesses place their logos on the side of the shoes. With this feature, customers can adjust the logo's size and position to fit their brand's style. Let’s be candid here. Making sure the logo design looks great on the shoe without affecting its texture was a challenging task, but we did it!

Understanding the competition and
building a better solution.

In today’s age, creative use of emerging technologies can establish you as the most innovative and customer-centric company. Salesforce in a study found that 66% of business buyers prefer to buy from the most innovative companies. One of the Promosneaker’s competitors was already offering web-based customization tool, a remarkable service for its potential customers. The Promosneakers came with us with a clear goal - Build a better solution. They want to be ahead of the competition, not always trying to catch up with them.

Better control over inventories.

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