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Promaster Introduction


With extensive experience in Australia's home service industry, our client recognized the need for a distinctive aggregator platform focusing on quality and expertise. ProMaster emerged from this vision and was successfully launched in a major Australian city. Our overarching goal is to continuously refine and enhance the platform based on user feedback, positioning ProMaster as a compelling alternative to established platforms like AirTasker.

    How we aim to cater to the needs
    Minimum Viable Product

    In the light of enhancing every functionality that we aim at providing we let the users check the functionality if it aligns with what they aim at providing their customer with the help of our dedicated team that releases MVP to make the app being developed more user friendly.

Features that we aimed at providing:

Verified Service Providers

The Verified Service Providers feature is a crucial component of ProMaster, ensuring that only reliable, skilled, and trustworthy professionals join the platform.

This feature acts as a safeguard for users seeking services, providing them with peace of mind and confidence in the quality and legitimacy of the service providers they engage with.

Here's an elaboration on each aspect of the verification process:

  • License Icon License

    Service providers are required to provide proof of any relevant licenses or certifications about their field of expertise. This could include professional licenses, industry-specific certifications, or permits required by local regulations. By verifying licenses, ProMaster ensures that service providers possess the necessary qualifications and meet the standards set by regulatory bodies.

  • Experience Icon Experience

    ProMaster evaluates the experience of service providers by considering factors such as the number of years they have been in business or their track record of completed projects. This helps gauge their expertise, competency, and reliability in delivering quality services.

  • Australia Icon Australia Business Number (ABN)

    For service providers operating in Australia, providing their ABN adds an extra layer of verification, confirming their legal and tax compliance status as registered businesses. This helps to establish their legitimacy and credibility as professional entities operating within the Australian market.

  • Skills Icon Skills

    Service providers are required to specify their skills and areas of expertise when creating their profiles on ProMaster. This enables users to easily search for and identify providers who offer the specific services they require.

Post Task

Post Tasks with Videos

  • Explore projects from various viewpoints for comprehensive understanding.
  • Get a clearer grasp of tasks by visualizing through a real time view.
  • Access different angles of the task to improve communication and planning.
  • Increase transparency for better decision-making when committing to a proposal.

Negotiate Budget

  • Engage in transparent and collaborative discussions about task compensation.
  • Initiate negotiations on the proposed budget for flexibility and fairness.
  • Specify an initial budget as a starting point for negotiations.
  • Propose alternative budget figures based on expertise and task scope.
  • Promote open communication for mutually beneficial agreements.
Negotiate Budget

Chat to clear doubts before work acceptance

  • Utilize the Chat/Direct Message feature for clarifications before accepting work.
  • Address any questions or concerns following budget approval.
  • Discuss project specifics, timelines, and other details privately.
  • Enable direct interaction between task posters and taskers.
  • Facilitate smooth communication for a better understanding before accepting tasks.
Chat Format

Reviews to filter out
the best service providers

The Reviews feature within ProMaster serves as a crucial tool for task posters to evaluate and select the best service providers on the platform, ensuring successful task outcomes and a positive user experience.

This feature allows task posters to provide feedback based on four key parameters: Completion Rate, Punctuality, Behaviour, and Skill.

Review Filter

Evolving Excellence Through Iterative Development

ProMaster embodies the ethos of incremental development, continuously refining and expanding our platform to better serve the needs of our users. Through testing assumptions and listening to user feedback, we are continuously making ProMaster a valuable resource for homeowners seeking trusted service providers and seamless home maintenance solutions.

And as we look forward, we are excited to announce the introduction of our Marketplace feature. This addition will empower users to not only access reliable services but also buy and sell used goods within the ProMaster ecosystem. By expanding offerings, we aim to create a more holistic platform that addresses every aspect of homeownership, from maintenance and repairs to furnishing and decor.

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