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Making it easy to explore and book amazing events in the Netherlands.


Event Management


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UI/UX design, Web App development, Mobile App development, QA Testing, Support and Maintenance

Multo-Ticket Story

Yearning for outdoor activities and socializing is on the rise post-covid. Lockdowns and social distancing mentally exhausted us. Even though the danger is not entirely subdued, the vaccines have greatly diminished public paranoia. It helped us a mass trust to go out and enjoy public spaces.

Event booking market growth may go above USD 14.98 BILLION FROM 2020 TO 2025

Analyzing this trend, our client Roelant Mulder from the Netherlands envisioned an online event booking platform specific to Dutch. He wanted to cover all sorts of events - from virtual concerts to charity with better pricing solutions than other global ticket and event booking apps.

Multo-Ticket’s Essence

A simple-to-use event booking platform that helps national citizens and international travelers to participate in events unique to the Netherlands. Available on both mobile and web, it is for organizers and people looking for amazing events happening around their places. You can organize and explore a wide array of events, not limited to certain specific niche events.

Organizers can use the platform to reach a wider audience, manage booking, reduce manual lists, perform refunds instantly, and remind attendees of the booked events.

Explorers can benefit from reading reviews, participating in online discussions, sharing with friends or on social media, viewing the venue's photos, and deciding whether to attend or not

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Active listening to stakeholders and users

Our web and mobile app development company built all the features incrementally by actively working on the critical feedback from founder’s teams and potential users. A lot of stuff needs to be done right to build trust among users to actively use your platform - consistent UI, authentic information, secure payments, and quick initiation of refunds.

  • Clear Information Architect and UI. An app of this kind has plenty of visual and text information. Our UI & UX design company ensured a balanced hierarchy keeping in mind the reading patterns followed by people on the internet. We loved thinking out all the crucial search tags for quick navigation.
  • An extensive search. We analyzed the searching patterns of people using other global event booking apps. And then built a search feature that works on three crucial parameters - location, event type, and date.
  • A simple dashboard for organizers where they can get an overview of total tickets sold, sales, and add-on sales. Also, they can download the reports related to booking and tickets in Excel, CSV, or pdf.
  • QR code for e-tickets. Attendees get a unique QR code that organizers can scan at the venue, eliminating the fuss of manually going through the details on the tickets.
  • Accurate location of the venue. Integrated google maps by which participants can view venue’s site in map and satellite view.
  • Modular architecture and clean code. Our dedicated mobile app developers build Multo-Ticket in a way that makes it easy to add features in the future. We can update without affecting other services in the app. The modular nature reduces time-to-market, which helps to compete fairly with global brands
  • Checkout page. A lousy checkout page can distract users, and there is a high probability they won’t make the final payment. Our team spent considerable time letting it not happen. The preview order page in Multo-Ticket indicates the service tax and grand total. There is an option to apply coupons for discounts and add or delete tickets. It ensures users can tweak without going to separate pages and reduce friction before checkout.

    A non-confusing detailed summary is provided on the checkout page before users proceed with payment.
  • Payment gateways. We integrated Mollie API for secure payments. Mollie is a payment service provider based in the Netherlands that offers major payment methods, including Paypal, Apple Pay, credit cards, etc.


Better local alternative for event organizers in Netherlands in terms of price and visibility.

Tech Stack

  • Laravel
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • Mollie Payment gateway
  • Google Map API
  • React Native

Multo-Ticket - A simple event booking
and management app.

  • Clear Information Architect and UI.
  • An extensive search.
  • QR code for e-tickets.
  • Modular architecture and clean code.
  • Secure Payment gateways.
  • Dashboards with detailed reports on bookings
  • Geolocation

Build a robust and scalable platform for event booking with NetMaxims

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