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AM Fruits is a local grocery vendor in India. With a history of serving the local community for 10 years, AM Fruits has earned the trust of its customers by consistently providing fresh vegetables and fruits. Now, looking to enhance customer convenience, AM Fruits aims to introduce a grocery delivery app and extend its services to neighboring geographical areas.


With the hustle and bustle of daily life, finding time to buy groceries has become a significant challenge for many urban households. Additionally, the diverse policies and pricing structures of various market apps can make it difficult for consumers to choose the most suitable option. Despite the convenience of using mobile apps such as Swiggy, Zepto, Blinkit, and others for ordering daily groceries across essential and non-essential categories, many people still prefer local grocery stores for purchasing fresh perishable items. This trust in local stores underscores their importance as a primary choice for acquiring fresh groceries.

Survey Results Highlight Urban Households'
Preference for Local Grocery Stores

In an effort to design a grocery app that aligns with user needs and preferences, our team conducted a comprehensive survey. The objective was to delve into why urban households may prefer shopping at local stores rather than opting for online grocery services.

Each bar will represent a specific reason, with the height corresponding to the number of respondents who selected that reason.

Survey Graph

Nevertheless, the same survey showed a large proportion (42 percent) ordered groceries online through white-label grocery delivery apps. They rated safety (63 percent) and convenience (51 percent) as their primary reasons.

Considering these insights, what if we could develop a dedicated on-demand delivery system for “AM Fruits”, offering customers the best of both worlds – the trusted experience of local grocery stores and the convenience of a mobile app? This prospect motivated “AM Fruits” to select NetMaxims as its technology solution partner to actualize this business vision.

From a technical standpoint, the challenges boil down to performance, usability, and ensuring the buyer’s sensitive data security.


NetMaxims has designed and developed a robust custom grocery delivery system featuring an admin panel tailored for the company's internal team and mobile accessibility for buyers. The system has enabled the store to deliver convenience and become more open to deploying technology to elevate the customer experience.

Specifically, the mobile app is designed to enhance brand recognition and digitalize sales, facilitating a symbiotic relationship between physical and digital markets. It also emphasizes the implementation of a robust quality control process to ensure the highest standards are met consistently.

Explore the Feature-Rich Interface of the Custom Grocery
Ordering and Delivery App Solution

  • Organized Catalogue

    Items are categorized and presented in a structured manner, allowing users to navigate through the available items easily. With a well-organized catalogue, customers can quickly locate desired items, explore various categories, and make informed purchasing decisions.

  • Advance Search Filter

    With a search functionality, customers can enter keywords, item names, or specific details, instantly retrieving relevant results. Including previous search history allows users to revisit and reference past searches quickly.

  • Order History

    The Order History provides a reliable record of past purchases, providing a straightforward method to review and repeat previous orders. Buyers can observe their buying history and easily reorder their most used and favorite items.

MotherFruit Order
Order Summary
  • Real-Time Order Tracking

    Buyers can track the route of their orders in real-time on an interactive map UI. Using geolocation technology (In-App GPS Navigation), an estimated delivery time is updated as the delivery agents approach the drop-off location.

  • Delivery Slots

    This feature ensures flexibility by accommodating the diverse schedules of the buyers, letting them pick a delivery time that suits them best. It provides a convenient way for them to plan when their groceries will arrive. The use of delivery slots solves the company’s limited delivery agents issue by scheduling deliveries instead of on-demand service.

  • Secure Payment Methods

    Buyers enjoy a variety of payment options, including Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and UPI.

    Rest assured, all transactions are securely processed with a dedicated focus on safeguarding the confidentiality of buyers' payment details.

  • Mobile Accessibility for Delivery Agents

    Delivery agents utilize mobile devices to receive real-time notifications for new deliveries. The algorithm is designed to prevent overloading and ensures that delivery agents receive drop-off assignments in close proximity to their current location.

    Within the dedicated mobile application, delivery agents can access an embedded map feature that displays the pinned destination location. Additionally, they can initiate navigation directly from the app. This in-app accessibility facilitates efficient navigation for delivery agents and enables customers and the administrative team to track their current location at any time through their respective platforms.

  • Discounts and Offers

    The internal team has the flexibility to craft enticing discounts and offers designed to boost sales and elevate revenues, especially during special occasions. Buyers are gently nudged to avail themselves of these opportunities through push notifications, ensuring they don't miss out on valuable savings.

  • Order Customization

    The My Cart user interface makes it easy for buyers to customize items quickly before finalizing their purchase.

Cart Screen
Admin Panel

Admin Panel

The internal team utilizes a dedicated admin panel equipped with role management options. The dashboard gives the company a comprehensive overview of new orders and revenues, offering valuable insights at a high level.

Within the admin panel, team members can perform various tasks, including setting prices, managing inventory, adding new categories, creating offers, building FAQs, and sending promotional messages to buyers. This central hub serves as a versatile tool for efficient management and oversight of essential aspects of business operations.

Transformative Impact of Online Grocery Platforms
On Grocery Businesses

Transformation Graph

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