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EdTech for Learning Data Analytics

Khan Academy, edX, Coursera, and others have been in EdTech for over a decade. Yet the confidence of learners in remote learning grew during Covid. It happened because students and teachers across the globe had no choice but to resort to using online resources for education. The altered behavior and familiarity with technology paved the way for the huge growth of Learning Management Systems.

The initial frenzy fizzled out when the Edtech businesses got hit by the ground reality. During and post-covid, companies fell to overly-optimistic conclusions and assumed e-learning would more or less replace physical classrooms. Then only those who had an MVP approach could modify their products to assist physical teaching rather than compete against offline education.

Our client was well-aware of the currents and realities of the EdTech market. We are glad to develop the online face of their product Lagazon Edutech. Our interactions with them helped us enrich our understanding of creating educational websites and apps.

Lagozon Edutech

A startup that provides data analytics training to students and professionals. Lagazon EduTech is India’s fastest-growing organization in the e-learning industry. They provide online and offline courses, internships, and corporate training.

We designed an LMS wherein learners can know the overview of different courses, enroll in them, make payments and verify internship certificates. The whole LMS is built on WordPress using plugins to enhance functionality.

Lagozon Edutech

Notable features created by our designers and developers.

Sticking to a human-centered design process, we approach every project anew and work hard to develop digital products that delight its users.

  • Simple and informative UI: An edTech platform must highlight the authority to gain the trust of students and professionals. A way of doing it is to design a simple ( simple doesn’t mean easy) UI. The designers at NetMaxims experimented with various wireframes and presented a high-fidelity prototype. Our clients were hugely satisfied with the final designs.
  • Moodle Integration: After the enrollment in course/s, learners go through those courses on Moodle - one of the most widely used LMS in Europe, Latin America, and Ocenia.
  • Payment Gateway: Integrated RazorPay plugin for safe and secure payments. Also, ensured there are no glitches in the refund system.
  • WhatsApp support integration: Using the click-to-chat plugin, enabled what’s app chat support. Users are directed to whats app web when they are on devices other than mobile.
  • Non-confusing checkout page: A checkout page may appear less important than other parts. But our experience, specifically in the eCommerce industry, shows otherwise. Along with developing clear IA, we added the coupon discount functionality on the checkout page.


Increase in online visibility.

Effortless enrollment in courses shooting-up the revenue.

Stronger relationships with the learners.

Learning Management System

Lagozon Edutech - Learning Management System for data analytics enthusiasts.


  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • Moodle Plugin


  • Simple UI
  • Moodle Integration
  • Payment and Checkout
  • Online chat support
  • Integration with Moodle

Build an intuitive Learning Management System with NetMaxims.

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