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Client: Jet Taxi Booking

Our client, based in Ethiopia, wished to launch a working MVP of a taxi booking app quickly. Earlier associated with one of the largest ride-hailing apps, he has first-hand experience with the problems of passengers and drivers in his native land. With the MVP, the client wants to test his hypothesis with real people and develop a more usable and unique taxi booking app.

Sensing the Opportunity

Technical Challenges Solved

For Drivers

  • Driver App
  • Document Verification

    Drivers upload all the necessary documents. The back office team verifies the authenticity of drivers. Only after a careful evaluation, drivers are allowed to go online and take rides.

    Drivers Accept Rides

    Drivers receive notifications for new rides, they can check the pick-up and drop location, and accept or reject the rides.

  • Call or Chat with the Riders

    With this option, they may call riders without their personal numbers being exposed or even chat to ask for any instructions, reconfirm the location, notify them if they’ll be late, etc.

    Review the Riders

    They will rate their experience with the passengers. If any passenger receives low ratings continuously, then the back office team can take appropriate action for that passenger - give a warning, deactivate, or block their account.

  • Driver Call
  • Driver Wallet
  • Check Earnings

    An organized place for drivers to check their weekly, monthly, or yearly earnings. The simple charts help them quickly get high-level information and discover earning patterns over a period of time. Based on this, they could determine the profitable location and time, schedule their time on the road accordingly, and ultimately earn more.

    Cash Out

    After reaching a certain threshold of earnings - set by the back office - drivers can anytime cash out the fruits of their labor. The earnings are already tax deducted and get transferred directly to their banks.

  • Reminders for Documents’ Renewal

    The important dates, like expiration dates are automatically extracted from the documents submitted by the drivers. Based on that, they receive timely reminders so as to keep their documents updated and continue earning from the platform.

  • Driver Reminder

For Customers/Riders

  • Set their destination

    With Google Maps integrated, customers can submit their destination. Moreover, they can add up to 2 stops in their trip. The app picks the current location by itself if the customer has given the location permission. At any time, they can submit the current location manually.

    Book the Ride

    Once the destination is set, riders have the option to go for a car or tuk-tuk ( a three-wheeled car). With the car, more options – basic, luxury, or SUV - appear. The fare is adjusted according to the vehicle type, distance, and the time it would take to complete the trip, and is shown next to each option.

  • Driver Book App
  • Driver Payment
  • Choose The Payment Method

    The customers choose their preferred payment method and pay for the trip only when it is done. Currently, the app supports credit cards, debit cards, wallet, and cash as the payment method. The card information is stored for quick pay. Netmaxims has ensured that sensitive information is safe and payment processing is secure.

    Surge Price

    The fare may surge in between the trips in cases where it would take a disproportionate time to reach the destination – possibly because of traffic. It would ensure fair compensation to the driver for extra fuel and time.

  • Waiting Time Made Transparent

    During the interval – from booking up to some driver accepting the request and reaching the pick-up location – the customer waiting time is made interesting by giving them updates on important activities, showing the driver’s car live location along with the animation of their car moving and turning, and the time left to reach the customer. They could cancel the ride with a driver if it takes them too long to reach. Once canceled, the app searches for new drivers nearby.

  • Driver Waiting

For Admins

  • Live location of trips

    Admin team gets a real-time, bird's-eye view of all the ongoing trips, allowing the back office to monitor the performance of the system and make adjustments as needed. It gives the administrator a 'live' picture of the drivers and their current locations, making it easier for them to respond to potential issues quickly.

  • Customers & Drivers’ Account Management

    The backend team verifies drivers' documents, such as driver's license, vehicle registration, and insurance information. They have full control over activating, deactivating, or blocking drivers' accounts if necessary. This would ensure that only qualified drivers are using the app, and would provide a level of safety and security for both the drivers and the customers.

  • Complete Transaction Details Of All The Trips

    The transaction details feature provides complete information on each trip, from the moment it's booked to the moment it's completed. This includes details on the amount paid by the passenger, the commission earned by the platform, and any deductions made for tax or other fees.

  • Automatic refunds

    The platform's automatic refunds include cases where a trip is cancelled or a passenger is unhappy with their experience. The administrator can set policies for when a refund is automatic and when it requires manual review. The platform also allows for the option of charging a cancellation fee, and this is configurable for both drivers and passengers.

  • Timely payments to the drivers

    The platform offers timely and accurate payments to drivers, taking into account vehicle type, commission, and tax deductions. Payments can be made automatically or manually, based on the drivers' preference and earnings threshold. Drivers also have the option to request early payments if needed.

  • Set the fare for the trips

    Prices are set on the basis of time, distance, and the type of vehicle. They can also set a buffer time and distance - during which no extra charge is applied to the customer. Once the buffer limit is exceeded, a unit price is applied for time and distance traveled. This system ensures that both drivers and customers are charged fairly, based on actual usage.

  • A positive response from the public

    The app is successfully running in two major cities in Ethiopia and everything is set to expand it in other cities. The client is satisfied with both the initial positive response from the public and the app's performance. We're now in talks to improve the UX based on user feedback and comments, and we're also working on implementing features to improve safety for both drivers and customers.

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