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An all-inclusive apartment management web application.

Humans are complex, and the systems we have built - from public institutions to apartments and gated communities - are equally complex. Managing and monitoring human affairs in an apartment where hundreds of human beings live is incredibly hard. There is so much to consider - water supply, parking, security, electrical backups, and quick resolutions of problems, to name a few.

Technological solutions, here as elsewhere, can eliminate inefficiencies only if designed and developed in the right way. Mr. Patrik Lindberg put his faith in us, and living up to his expectations, NetMaxims delivered comprehensive apartment management software.


It is a web application designed to manage affairs in large apartments efficiently, easily, and transparently. On a single platform, residents can know the board members, raise and track their queries, get helpful information on parking, see ongoing projects running in the apartment, access agreements, add events to the calendar, and much more. In contrast, the board members have the additional right to create, modify, add, delete and change passwords.

The web app allows management committees to get over from Excel sheets, bring everyone on a single dedicated portal and reduce delays in maintenance fees, and attend to suggestions raised by residents.

Besides management, residents can become part of different groups, create, schedule events, and share stuff like bicycles, grills, etc. This may potentially bring more collaboration and dynamism to the apartments.

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Features our developers implemented.

Our client was quite clear on what features to include in the application and shared a thorough document highlighting the specificity of every menu. That helped us a lot as we didn’t have to go back and forth in clearing our doubts about certain functionalities. Let us briefly describe some of the essential and useful features.

  • A detailed dashboard wherein residents, at a glance, can see what’s going on in their apartment. They can get an overview of ongoing projects, bank loans on apartments, upcoming events, suggestions and their status, allocated parking spaces, and a list of all members.
  • Apartment Management - Admins can add and manage apartments' details like their owner, apartment number, floor, whether they are rented or not, additional notes, files in jpeg, Excel, doc, or pdf for documentation, and other relevant sub-fields.

    Any apartment can have three owners - the name and % ownership of each are also included in the apartment details. Board members can print and import the details as well as use search to quickly find the details of any apartments.
  • Calendar is an interesting feature as it allows residents to plan and participate in community activities. All residents can create events, but only board members have the right to create groups and add other members.

    Members can view the calendar interface, click on any event, see all the details of it and print the complete document if they wish.
  • Bank Loans - These are community loans. Board members can add and update the details regarding them. They can select which members must be notified and when - one, seven, or fourteen days before the last date to contact the bank. E-mail notifications are sent via SMTP.
  • Register of Things - Sharing resources in a community strengthens it. Under this menu, board members can create categories of stuff available for sharing among members. These can be grills, bikes, and garden forks, to name a few. Residents get to know who borrowed what, whether it is returned or not, additional notes, and print receipts.
  • Parking management is critical for an easy life in any apartment. Lousy implementation of it may potentially lead to dissatisfaction and even fights. In Guidelight, parking has three sub-sections - parking queues, allocated parking, and parking areas.

    Board members can create parking areas defining the number of parking spaces in that particular area and parking type - car, motorcycle, electric space, and handicap permit space. Under the parking queue, members can view which residents are in line for a specific parking space.
  • Language switcher - Swedish is the default language in the Guidelight. But members can change it to English if some are non-native residents.


Residents feeling more safe.

Seamless parking area management.

Timely resolution of issues.

Guidelight management software

Guidelight - Custom apartment management software to make life easy and secure for residents.


  • PHP
  • Laravel PHP framework
  • MySQL


  • Apartment management
  • Parking management
  • E-mail notifications
  • Projects management and scheduling through the calendar
  • Thorough dashboard
  • Tenants and external suppliers' management
  • Digitization of documents

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