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Our client in Belgium - EWP Energy Solutions - quickly sensed this opportunity and decided to provide a state-of-the-art EV CSMS to the Belgium market. With more than 40,000 electric vehicles on Belgium roads, there was a significant need for a reliable and efficient CSMS. We are grateful that we got the opportunity to develop such a solution that would impact tackling the greatest catastrophe of this century - global warming.

About EWP EV Charging App

EWP is a comprehensive digital solution for EV drivers and charging station owners. The app utilizes the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) to facilitate communication between charging points and a Charging Management System (CMS), making it compatible with diverse hardware.

For EV drivers, EWP provides a convenient and user-friendly way to locate and reserve charging stations, monitor charging progress, and pay for charging services. EWP offers remote management and monitoring capabilities for charging station owners, allowing them to manage and maintain their charging infrastructure efficiently.

Below are the capabilities EWP provides to EV drivers and charging station owners.green_border_bottom


EV drivers

OCPP - Real-Time Status
Of Charging Points

Ocpp stands for open charge point protocol, and it's a communication protocol used for monitoring charging stations in real-time. To use ocpp, you'll need to install hardware compliant with the ocpp standard. One of the main benefits of OCPP is that it allows you to choose any charging management software (CMS) that's also compliant with OCPP, regardless of the hardware you're using. This means you're not locked into using a particular software just because it comes from the same company as the hardware.OCPP is the backbone of electric vehicle charging networks. It's what allows charging stations to communicate with one another and share important information. By integrating OCPP with cloud-based charging management software, you gain access to a host of powerful capabilities.

Let Me Specify Some Of The Capabilities:

  • 01 Remote Diagnostics

    Remote Diagnostics is one such capability that allows charging station owners to quickly resolve faults as soon as they emerge. This information is synced with customer’s mobile app, allowing them to know which charging point is available and plan their sessions accordingly.

  • 02 Smart Charging And Load Management

    Smart Charging And Load Management is another critical capability that helps manage the load on the grid, making scaling possible without expensive upgrades to power capacity. With OCPP, you can evenly distribute power among EV vehicles and limit the electricity consumption of each charging point. During peak demand, charging power can be dynamically adjusted to prevent blackouts. Suppose there is available energy, and some charging point needs more energy to charge an EV quickly. In that case, the smart charging amdorithm of OCPP allows for transferring this available energy to the charging point in need.

  • 03 Other Capabilities

    Other possible capabilities because of OCPP include session management, authentication, transaction management, and data reporting.


Key Considerations to Ensure When Integrating OCPP
into Your App.

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    Electric vehicle charging station networks are vulnerable to various security attacks, such as server hijacking, communication eavesdropping, and charger impersonation. These attacks can result in the exploitation of confidential user data, fake data being spammed into the service, and even physical damage to the charging points.

    Our expert mobile app developers have implemented robust security standards to prevent these malicious attacks that secure the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) communications. This includes implementing encryption to ensure that data transmission is confidential and secure and utilizing authentication mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access.

    With these security standards, the EWP EV charging app is highly safe for EV and charging station owners.

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    Scalability is critical for the success of any digital solution in the competitive market. However, scaling requires a robust infrastructure; otherwise, a large amount of traffic can result in poor user experience, downtime, and even system crashes. To ensure the scalability of the EWP charging station management system (CSMS), our app developers have implemented an architecture that provides stability, reliability, and high availability.

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    Imagine your EV is now completely charged, but when you try to pay for your session through the app, you experience lag and slow processing times. You're unsure if the payment has gone through, and you're worried about being overcharged or not charged. At this point, you may be tempted to uninstall the app and never use the charging station or app again. At our company, we understand the frustration that comes with under-par performance.

    Our team of dedicated mobile app developers utilized advanced techniques and testing frameworks to optimize performance and stability. We implemented

    • current Caching mechanisms
    • current Optimized database queries to minimize processing times
    • current Use of modern cloud-native technologies that allow for dynamic scaling

For instance, our user-friendly app allows drivers to book a charging session in advance. This app allows users to check charging stations' availability in real-time and make payments for their session in advance. Additionally, our app includes a reminder system that sends notifications to users before their scheduled session, ensuring they never miss a charging appointment. For those needing to start charging their vehicle quickly, we also offer a QR code scanning option that allows instant charging. This means drivers can simply scan the QR code on the charging stations to initiate the charging process without waiting for payment processing.


Start Charging Without
Depending On The Mobile App

We understand that not all EV drivers prefer to use a mobile app to start a charging session every time they need to charge their vehicles. That's why we have developed a feature that allows drivers to start a charging session without relying on a mobile app.

    Our mobile app development company made a solution by which charging station owners can authenticate regular users with their RFID tags. This means that customers can simply tap their RFID tag on the charging station to start the charging process without going through the payment-making process or other steps via a mobile app.

    This feature provides an easy and convenient way for customers to access charging stations without needing a mobile app. It also helps streamline the charging process and eliminate unnecessary steps, which can be especially helpful during peak usage times when charging stations may be in high demand.

    We work closely with our clients to ensure that our solutions meet their needs and the needs of their customers. Providing multiple ways to start a charging session, including using an RFID tag, ensures that all EV drivers can easily access charging stations and enjoy a smooth and efficient charging experience.


Accommodate Different User
Profiles With Dynamic Pricing

The EWP CSMS is designed for charging station owners to manage their teams and customers as efficiently as possible.In interviews to map client’s business story, we learned that their clients include hospitals, large offices, and even homeowners who want to let EV drivers use their charging ports. They may have different types of users, such as employees, visitors, and members of the general public. These organizations want to set different pricing for different scenarios and users. For instance, an organization may want to offer its employees discounted rates while charging the general public full price. Our solution allows owners to set dynamic pricing based on user type and synchronize their CSMS with their unique revenue model.

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