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About Client: DSS Driving School

Our client itself is the founder of a successful driving school - DSS - in the UK. Having years of experience running a driving school, he knows what problems driving schools face and what learners expect from them. Taking inspiration from other driving school apps in the UK market and analyzing how they support driving schools, our client wanted to introduce a new app with improved workflows and a friendly interface to the UK market.

Driving School’s Challenges

By engaging in discussions with driving school owners, we uncovered their primary challenges. Although the difficulties are numerous, we narrowed our focus to the issues that technology can alleviate and enhance overall efficiency

  • 01

    Managing records of expenses and revenues.

  • 02

    Relying on notepads and physical documents to manage tasks.

  • 03

    Dealing with clunky booking systems.

  • 04

    Battling to maintain high pass rates.


The mobile app synchronizes everything, from bookings to payments, for instructors, learners, and driving school owners. Each type of user is equipped with tools like a calendar, book & pay, progress tracker, reflective logs, expense tracker, live chat, and more that help driving schools accomplish their goal of elevating the customer experience.

DSS Calender

Clean, organized view of the schedule

Instructors have a calendar synced with their Google or Apple calendars. Most useful and frequent information – booked lessons, new booking requests, and gaps – is shown clearly with different color labels. These color labels are customizable. Their students, too, have this instructor’s calendar with them on their app to check out the available hours.

Bird’s eye view of the students’ lessons

Lesson activities are categorized into several sections:

  • Upcoming Lesson

    Upcoming Lessons

    This section allows instructors to monitor the status of lessons, including bookings, cancellations, charges after cancellations, and completed sessions.

  • Student Progress

    Student Progress

    Instructors can easily track students' development and performance within this section.

  • Test Records

    Test Records

    A dedicated area for storing and accessing students' test results.

  • Reflective Logs

    Reflective Logs

    Students answer questions – that are customizable – as feedback after every lesson. These answers help instructors deliver personalized training.

Keep track of
every penny spent

For driving schools to keep their profit afloat, they should have complete visibility of their expenses. With the DSS Driving School App, instructors can log expenses into various categories, such as fuel, insurance, finance charges, and more. The driving school owners from their admin panel can add different transaction types. Having category-wise expenses in front of them, owners can make informed financial decisions.

Track Screen
Booking Screen

Learners have an easy time
requesting new lessons

Learners enjoy a hassle-free experience when requesting new lessons from their dedicated mobile app. They can conveniently view their instructor's available dates and send lesson requests directly from their app. Instructors promptly receive these requests and can respond with just a few taps. What's more, learners can mark their preferred days and times for lessons, giving them the flexibility they crave. Instructors are instantly notified of these preferences, ensuring a seamless booking process that truly elevates the learner's experience.

  • Emergency contacts and parent access for safety

    Emergency Screen
  • Learners buy learning packages whose price and hours are set by the driving school owner from the admin panel

    Learner Screen

Dashboard with the most useful data at the owner’s fingertips

Owners with the dashboard can quickly glance at what’s going on with their driving schools. All the critical details on active learners, waiting list, payments due, pass rate, cancelled lessons, weekly earning revenues, and more are neatly organized for easy comprehension. Owners can then select any of them to get deeper insights.

DSS Dashboard

Customizable booking form for owners to put on their website

Driving school owners can set up the booking form from the admin panel, customize it, and simply place it on their website without extra work. Moreover, they can share this link on their social media accounts, ad campaigns, or over emails. Bookings from this form will be automatically reflected in the admin panel and to the instructors on their app.

By specifying service areas and allocating instructors, owners create a seamless experience for customers. When customers book online, they get real-time visibility into available instructors and open lesson slots - no more guesswork or wasted time!

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