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Barring a standstill because of COVID, and aftermath restrictions, the travel industry is experiencing steady growth, fueled by increased connectivity and social media. However, large travel marketplaces may often prioritize popular destinations showing a lack of understanding of local regulations and cultural nuances. This creates an opportunity for entrepreneurs who better understand local culture and languages to compete with global travel marketplaces.

Mr. Souleymane Coulibaly, recognizing this opportunity, has enlisted the help of the NetMaxims team to create a niche and personalized trip planning and booking platform for tourists looking to explore Europe. The initial phase of the project involves building an MVP to better understand the target audience's needs and validate assumptions.

Connecting Tourists Safely
With Unique Places To
Entertain, Enjoy And Relax

ChicRide App is being developed as a progressive web application (PWA) due to its low development cost, cross-device compatibility, and easy maintenance. The app is designed to help both novice and seasoned tourists plan their trips, from transportation to hotels to unique attractions that will create unforgettable memories. Notably, the founder's focus on safety and compliance with regulations gives ChicRide a unique position to compete with established players.

With ChicRide, users can find the best prices for air flights, car rentals, boat rentals, and hotels. Additionally, they can explore and book exciting activities such as hair salons, spas, wellness centers, bars, nightclubs, and much more.

Overall, ChicRide aims to provide a unique and personalized experience for tourists exploring Europe while prioritizing their safety and compliance with local regulations.


Comprehensive Yet Simple
Features For Service Providers
Ensuring Better Visibility

The app allows creating a detailed profile highlighting the services the business offers. This profile includes a variety of information, such as the company‘s location, contact information, and hours of operation. Additionally, businesses can showcase their offerings by adding high-quality images and descriptions of their services. This enables potential customers to understand the business‘s offers clearly and make an informed decision.

Another valuable feature for businesses is managing bookings directly on the platform. Service providers can easily view and manage their bookings, ensuring that they have complete control over their schedules. This helps businesses save time and improve efficiency by eliminating the need for manual booking management.

Designing Advanced Filters To Map Tourists‘
Desires Accurately

We understand that each traveler has preferences and desires when exploring new destinations. To ensure users find their desired experiences, Our UI/UX designer has designed advanced filters that accurately map tourists‘ wants.

Our filters are designed to help users quickly and easily find what they‘re looking for. They can search for flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel services based on their budget, location, and preferred amenities. Additionally, our advanced filters allow users to customize their search based on specific preferences, such as:

Accuracy Of Data For
Air Flights, Car Rentals, And Boat Rentals

To ensure the accuracy of our data, we use advanced technology and industry-standard tools to gather and verify information from reliable sources. Our team works tirelessly to ensure that the information on ChicRide is always up-to-date, so users can trust the data and make informed decisions when booking their travel services.

We understand that accurate information regarding air flights, car rentals, and boat rentals is crucial. That's why we use reliable sources to gather data, such as official airline and rental company websites.


Simple User Flows To Avoid Friction - From
Exploration To Payment

We have designed simple user flows to ensure users can easily explore and book their trips without any unnecessary friction. Here's how we've achieved this:

  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Personalized recommendations according to the user’s location, preferences, and interests
  • Easy payment, booking, and intuitive user flow for quick resolution of any conflict.
  • Seamless integration with third-party services

Review Management System
To Help Both Tourists And Service Providers

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