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ChampHealth Team

Client: ChampHealth

ChampHealth is a established healthcare staffing company serving residential, cleaning, and hospital facilities for the last ten years. Based in Ottawa, Canada, they have an empathetic team of nurses, personal support workers, caregivers, and special needs professionals.


  • Our client, ChampHealth, managed their entire medical staffing agency on spreadsheets - from shift scheduling to invoicing and payroll. Spreadsheets fall short when the inevitable need for quickly filling open positions, fast communication, and real-time updates surges.
  • Available staffing agency software is costly over the long run and lacks the ability to support their specific business workflow.


Understanding their challenges, NetMaxims built a custom digital healthcare workforce management app solution to digitize their operations. With that, ChampHealth is ready to use this healthcare recruitment platform technology to increase its revenues. Their decision aligns with the trend wherein high-performing staffing firms are increasing their budget for digital transformation.

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  • Our team did regular online meetings with the client to map out their shift scheduling flow. We extracted scenarios that would either slow shift management or lead to miscommunication. This healthcare staff scheduling system is built to handle urgent and unexpected changes, ensuring that ChampHealth remains resilient.

The custom medical staffing solution we have developed has the right tools for everyone - the back office team, candidates, and clients.

Shifts fill fast, with everyone aligned

Our temporary staffing solution enables seamless communication and real-time updates among all parties – back-office, candidates, and clients. Further, it provides them with simple ways – creating talent pools – to accelerate the filling up of open shifts. An added perk of this solution is increased client trust since they have up-to-date and accurate information on the status of their work requests.

Other options to fill the open shifts from the app –

The back office need not wait for candidates to apply for work. Instead, they can send requests to the candidates they feel are best suited for the work.

The medical recruitment system can manage candidate groups for clients based on their preferences, past ratings, and reviews. They can then quickly send their recommendations to the clients from these groups.

Medical staff management application enable clients to build and manage their talent pool based on their preferences and past performance. They can then send direct requests to these candidates for specific shifts or assignments, saving the time of the back-office team.

Real-time updates - the antidote to miscommunication.

Before digitization, communication delays resulted in late final approvals. More often than not, this created anxiety in the customers, but it wasn't out of impatience - it was out of concern for the patients and loved ones they cared for.

However, now the back office gets real-time notifications of every activity. It gives them enough time to plan and handle high-priority and emergency work.

Clients have the option to chat and leave notes to the selected candidates. On the other side, all candidates are reminded about their upcoming shifts via email, text message, and push notification 24 hours in advance.

  • ChampHealth Icon CHAMP HEALTH now

      New Open Shift for Personal Support Worker

      Check out this new shift matching your preferred schedule.

  • ChampHealth Icon CHAMP HEALTH 48m ago

      New Work Request for RPA

      Red Maple Senior Living needs a Registered Practical Nurse. Check out the details.

  • ChampHealth Icon CHAMP HEALTH 2h ago

      Emily Anderson backed out from a shift

      Unregulate Care Provider Shift on 3rd October is vacant now. Fill it now.

Ready to overcome the tight labor market.

GRID 2023 data shows that labor shortages continue to trouble staffing firms for the third year in a row. Hence, candidate acquisition is one of their top three priorities – the other being winning new clients and digital transformation. Engaging with passive candidates sitting on your candidate database is a sound strategy to reduce the cost of acquisitions.

The labor market remains tight and firms are developing exiting talent pools in response

    The majority of firms are employing engagement strategies to build
    talent communities

    Data Visualization

With our custom staffing agency app, ChampHealth has digitized and organized its huge candidate corpus.

The organized database augments ChampHealth's ability to fill open positions quickly and maintain a high-quality talent pool.

ChampHealth now has more faith in the power of digital transformation than ever. NetMaxims Technologies is helping them create automatic invoices, generate accurate payroll, recommend open shifts to candidates based on their preferences and work requirements, track candidate performance, and more.

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