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laravel development tools

10 Laravel Development Tools to Make Your Life Easier

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 24 Mar, 2022

Laravel Development tools help by speeding up the development process of working on Laravel development. Laravel aims to make the development process enjoyable for the developer without sacrificing the application’s functionality.

Though you are already familiar with the PHP and Laravel framework, the key is to learn some great add ons – the Laravel tools since the framework ecosystem provides enormous possibilities to improve the quality of your code.

For developers or a laravel development company, Laravel development tools are a big boon for website development.

Quickly defining laravel for you

Laravel is a web app framework with expressive and elegant syntax. It is used in many companies for providing high-end security authentication. Moreover, learning the Laravel language is not difficult compared to other languages because its syntax is straightforward.

Now, let us explore some of the best Laravel development tools that help in the development and how to use them for Laravel development services.

10 Best Laravel development tools


The first Laravel development tool is PHPSTORM. IDE goes well with the Laravel framework. PHPStorm runs smooth as it has intelligent code navigation that allows faster and secured refactoring, simple debugging and unit testing. Moreover, it formats PHP code very conveniently.

Laravel is primarily used to build custom web applications with PHP. It is a web framework that handles several tasks such as routing, templating HTML, and authentication.

The critical aspect of development is IDE, as it increases the developer’s productivity by saving time at debugging codes. For its seamless performance, developers have been using PHPStorm – one of the most promising Laravel development tools.

2. Github/Bitbucket

Laravel development tool – GitHub and BitBucket both offer Git services. Which one you pick depends on the structure of the project and the requirement.

For example, if you are developing an app or a website for a small organization using the laravel framework, you must choose BitBucket.

In BitBucket, you can have a limited number of collaborators, and for open source projects where you need unlimited collaborators, GitHub is the best choice for the developers.

The GitHub repository is easy to pull and push coded and automatically merges the code with changes and time tracking.

3. Laravel Ecosystem

One of the most helpful laravel development tools among all development tools and resources is the Laravel ecosystem. This tool offers many opportunities, such as powerful Laravel has hidden features like encryption, BCrypt, and much more for Laravel developers.

4. Laravel Documentation

One of the most remarkable aspects of laravel is the documentation, and here you get in-depth knowledge of this technology. Simply put, Laravel documentation will assist you in understanding a variety of concepts in detail which may not be possible otherwise.

This tool will enhance your expertise in laravel.

5. Laravel Debugbar

Laravel Debugbar means excelling Laravel when debugging an application. Displayed towards the bottom of the browser, it gives the debug information. And the queries tab of the debugger will display the number of queries fired.

It will display the route being called, all the rendered templates, and the passed parameters in detail. With this debugger, the developer also found that the option of adding messages using Façade appears under the ‘Message’ tab.

Explore more ways to increase the performance of Laravel by exploring – The laravel optimization guide – expert developer’s view.

6. Laravel Forge

Laravel Forge tool is for configuring your web app to automate the deployment using a PHP server. Some of the exciting features of this laravel development tool include security, database backups, installing SSL certificates within seconds, allowing you to restart services, quickly set up necessary SSH keys, Providing automatic setup, and more.

7. Laravel Vapor

Laravel Vapor is an auto-scaling and serverless deployment platform used for the best PHP framework. – Laravel. Everything is included in this tool – auto-scaling web/queue infrastructure, automatic uploading of assets, zero-downtime deployments and rollbacks, database management, environment variable/secret management, DNS management, Redis cache management, custom application domains, and more.

8. Laravel Entrust

Laravel Entrust in PHP space is the process of adding role-based permission, and by utilizing this tool, Laravel developers can create different tables – Roles Tables and Permission tables.
The Roles Tables is used to store role records between users and roles.

Permissions Table is used for keeping permission recording connections between parts and approvals.
Other models are User, route filter, soft deleting, short syntax router filter.

Laravel Entrust is a beneficial and popular Laravel development tools among Laravel developers.

9. Laravel Tinker

Not many Laravel developers know about the PHP framework that includes REPL (Read—Eval—Print—Loop) Tinker.

This Tinker console will let you interact with the Laravel app from the command line in an interactive shell. Generally, the developers select a command line to interact with the project, but one can easily access all the events and objects with Tinker.

This optional add-on requires manual installation for Laravel versions after 5.4.

10. Laravel Backup

Last but not least is Laravel backup! When you extend the best website development services, you will not ignore such Laravel development tools.

This tool helps in creating backup files used in the application. The backup is designed with a zip file that contains all the files in the directories that you have specified. It also includes the dump of your database in the project directory.

The best feature of this Backup tool is that the backup is easily stored on any file system.
Many more Laravel development tools are extremely helpful in developing, like Laravel homestead, Mailtrap blog, Laravel scout, Laravel nova, Laravel echo, Laravel cashier, BotMan studio, Laravel tenancy, etcetera.


So you may have been using Laravel, but you will see that these Laravel tools are pretty helpful in making the development process fast and enjoyable. If you are looking for more expertise in web development, then hire our laravel developers for the best Laravel development services.

Laravel framework makes the development an effective solution! This framework will boost your dream website project and quickly realize your wild ambitions. Laravel development services become swift when you utilize these laravel development tools we have shared with you.

The Laravel ecosystem is pretty easy to enter, and you will fall in love with it and would not work on any other framework.

Our 18 years old leading website design services will provide you with the best technology solutions your business aspires.

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