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Best Apps for Cleaning Business

7 Best Apps For Cleaning Business in 2023

Parminder Singh Parminder Singh
Published: 17 Jul, 2023


The cleaning business is one of the booming industries for all existing filed service providers and budding entrepreneurs in the upcoming business landscape. The global cleaning services market is expected to reach $111,498.8 million by 2030, which presents a lucrative opportunity for cleaning & Field Service provider SMBs .(source).

But cleaning companies often need help with significant or seemingly few major or minor problems that can slow the progress. The main problems are as follows.

  • Staffing Issues – Hurdles in Recruiting, Training & Scheduling
  • Operational Efficiency – Less Streamlined workflow
  • Quality Control and Consistency – Lack of Effective supervision and quality control processes
  • Client Retention and Customer Satisfaction

Therefore, it is essential to adopt smart solutions to make your cleaning business profitable. Investing in scalable infrastructure and cloud-based platforms offers flexibility to handle a growing customer base and team. During peak seasons, such as the high-demand summer period, the apps for cleaning business allows you to manage your cleaning business effortlessly, ensuring smooth operations without hassle.

This article will give the deepest insight into seven of the best apps for cleaning business solutions available today, along with their pros and cons.

What is a Cleaning Business Software?

The cleaning business management software plays a crucial role in the operations of cleaning service providers. It simplifies and streamlines job management by organizing and assigning tasks to the business’s team, crew, or employees.

The app optimizes the scheduling and dispatching, allowing providers to allocate resources efficiently and assign teams smoothly by using our responsive cleaning Business Software.

This results in a well-coordinated operation, maximizing productivity and ensuring timely service delivery.

A Cleaning Business App Typically Consists Of Three Interfaces.

Customer Interface Service Provider/Amin/Owner Interface Team Interface
Profile Management, Proposal / Quotation Access to Service Requests
Service Selection and Customization Team and Client Management Viewing Assigned Schedules
Booking and Scheduling Job Scheduling Real-Time Tracking
Real-Time Service Tracking Job tracking with checklists and photos Communication Tools
Payment processing Payment and Invoicing Task Management
Ratings and Reviews Communication and Notifications Performance Reports
Customer Support Reporting and Analytics Timesheets
In-app Communication Inventory Tracking Set work availability

7 Best Apps For Cleaning Business

1. NetMaxims’ Cleaning Business Software

NetMaxims stands out as a leading provider of top-notch customized Field service management app solutions in the cleaning industry. Our extensive specialization covers residential, commercial, and green cleaning.

Our solution perfectly aligns with your requirements with customized features and seamlessly integrated APIs. Unlike subscription models, we offer a one-time investment, providing long-term value and eliminating recurring fees.

Your data security is paramount to us, and we prioritize safeguarding your sensitive information with our industry-standard encryption techniques and implementing role-based access controls (RBAC) and strong authentication mechanisms. Since you own your cleaning business app, we don’t store business data over our cloud platform.

Our Best Features

Smart Scheduling

Clear and comprehensible schedules while ensuring proper staffing for all jobs and shifts. The schedule window provides visibility into availability, allowing users to easily identify who is present or unavailable at any given time.


Our bidding feature makes it simple to create proposals based on one of our many templates. Just choose the template that best fits your needs, then add your business’s specific details. The resulting bid will be professional, polished, and easy to understand. No time-consuming research or complex formatting required.


One of the great features of our quoting feature is that it allows customers to provide feedback and suggestions on the quote before approving it. This makes it easy to make any necessary changes and ensures that everyone is happy with the final result.


Effectively manage customer interactions, track leads, and enhance client satisfaction. You can streamline customer communication, track sales opportunities, and maintain a centralized database for efficient customer relationship management.

Team Management

Optimize team coordination in your cleaning app with notes, checklists, and photo uploads for task assignments, performance tracking, and seamless collaboration, ensuring streamlined operations and increased productivity.

Accurate Time Tracking

Ensure accurate time tracking with precision in your cleaning app, simplifying payroll management and optimizing resource allocation for improved productivity.


Allows generating and accessing reports that provide valuable insights and information about cleaning operations. Data Compilation, Key Metrics, and Insights features are in this section.

These are a few. As experts in tailor-made solutions, we provide the best features within the budget and requirements.


  • Customizable
  • Affordable
  • Data security
  • API Integration


  • Time Duration (As we provide a tailor-made solution)

Get Your Own Tailor-Made

2. Jobber

Jobber is a well-known software tool for cleaning companies to optimize business productivity and streamline administrative tasks. This software simplifies job scheduling and facilitates seamless business management, ensuring efficient service delivery to customers.

Jobber offers the best features like

  • Job Management
  • Team Management
  • Scheduling and Dispatching
  • Invoicing and Payments
  • Customer Service (CRM)


  • Organized
  • Easy to access
  • Customer support


  • The map system
  • Poor reporting feature

3. Connecteam

With a focus on effective cleaning management, Connecteam offers accurate time-tracking capabilities to ensure cleaners arrive on-site as scheduled. Its automated shift scheduling features enable instant communication between management and on-ground cleaners, eliminating dynamic issues and ensuring high-quality results.

This software offers unique features like

  • Employee Directory
  • Read and Sign Forms
  • 1:1 and Group Chats,
  • Online Punch Card,
  • Calendar Management


  • Affordable solution
  • Easy to manage staff
  • Excellent customer service
  • Timesheet and payroll capabilities.


  • GPS Coordination

4. mHelpdesk

It is a professional field service management software that offers a range of features specifically designed to assist cleaning businesses in efficiently handling their operational tasks. With this software, cleaning business owners can effectively organize job invoices, create easily understandable job schedules, and minimize complexities in their workflow.

mHelpDesk offers features like

  • Request Forms,
  • Scheduling,
  • Time Tracking,
  • Text and Automation,
  • Billing/Customer Payments,
  • Request Forms
  • Email-To-Ticket Management


  • Mobile, desktop, and kiosk access.
  • Good for quotes/appointments
  • 14-day free trial


  • Poor customer support
  • The software can be slow
  • Hard to set up and train others

5. Cleanguru

It is a janitorial software that streamlines operations, boosts productivity, and simplifies tasks like scheduling, client management, and invoicing. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, Clean Guru optimizes workflows, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional services and achieve customer satisfaction.

  • Reporting & Statistics
  • Customizable Reports
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Invoice Management
  • Real-Time Data
  • Mobile Access
  • Quotes/Estimates


  • Easy Invoicing
  • Drag & Drop Scheduling
  • Mobile Timekeeping App
  • GPS Monitored Geofence
  • Ready-To-Use Marketing
  • Notifications and Alerts


  • No Customized Model is Available

6. Field Camp

This software is designed for cleaning service businesses. It offers streamlined operations management, improved cleaning job quality, efficient employee schedule management, and easy invoicing. FieldCamp enables you to track employee activities and enhance client transparency. Boost productivity, simplify operations, and stand out from competitors.

FieldCamp offers important features like

  • Comprehensive Business Reports
  • Payment Processing
  • Invoice Management
  • Real-Time Field Staff Tracking
  • Staff Management
  • Customer Management
  • Easily Scheduled Jobs


  • Availability On Multiple Platforms
  • Task Sharing With Family Members
  • User-Friendly


  • Different Pricing On iOS and Android
  • Extra Charge For Family Sharing
  • Requires Subscription To Individual Devices

7. ZenMaid

ZenMaid is a great cloud-based solution that can help you schedule your cleaners for handling different service requests. You can add new clients to your board to assist you in accessing the basic client information for smooth business management.

ZenMaid offers the best features like

  • Work Order Management
  • Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Send Reminders to Customers
  • Automatically Sends Follow-ups After Appointments


  • Easy To Schedule
  • Simple To Use
  • They Constantly Improve The Software


  • Difficult To Find Customers Prior Cleaning History
  • Missing Hours When It Comes To Payroll

Price List Of 7 Best Cleaning Business Apps

Sr No App Name Pricing
1. Netmaxims Cleaning Solutions One-time investment
2. Jobber

14-day free trial


10 employees: $139

20 employees: $279

50 employees: ask for a quote

3. Zenmaid

14-day free trial


10 employees: $139

20 employees: $229

50 employees: Ask for a quote

4. Connecteam

14-day free trial


10 employees: $0

20 employees: $29

50 employees: $39

5. mHelpdesk

7-day free trial


1 User – $29/month

Upto 10 Users- $49/month

More than 10 users – $99/month

6. Cleanguru

FREE 30-Day Trial

Basic $55/mo

Delux $75/mo

MAX $95/mo

MAX Plus $125/mo

7. Field Camp

1 User- $29/month

Upto 10 users- $49/mo

Up to 25 users- $99/month

Key Considerations for Choosing The Right Cleaning Software

Several important factors must be considered when selecting the right cleaning software for your business. Here are some key considerations

Subscription-Free Model

With a subscription, you typically have to pay a recurring fee, whether monthly or annually, to continue using the software. We offer “subscription-free” cleaning app software that eliminates ongoing subscription costs.

This means you only pay a one-time fee or purchase price for the software and can use it without recurring expenses. It can be cost-effective, particularly for smaller cleaning businesses or those looking to minimize their software expenses over time.


Fixed software may have limited customization. It may take time to scale or accommodate the growth of your cleaning business. You may outgrow the fixed software, requiring you to invest in a new system or go through the hassle of customizations. Our tailor-made solution can fit your needs and requirements.

Integration With Third-Party Systems

This is an important factor in choosing the right software. Our cleaning app software can easily integrates with other systems; data should automatically be synced and shared between platforms. This ensures that information remains consistent across different software tools, reducing the risk of discrepancies or data duplication.

Data Security

A data breach or security incident can severely damage any business. Cleaning business apps often store sensitive customer information, such as contact details, addresses, and payment information. Ensuring data security is one of the key considerations.

By prioritizing data security in a cleaning business app, we can mitigate risks, protect customer information, comply with regulations, maintain reputation, safeguard operations, and ensure the privacy of employees and contractors.

Scalability and Adaptability

Scalability depends on one of the important factors, like adaptability.
Whatever software you use should be integrated into your existing systems to allow your cleaning business to grow and evolve without major disruptions.

We understand this. Our solution can easily integrate additional tools or upgrade existing ones to support your expanding operations.


A custom app allows businesses to showcase their unique brand identity through personalized design elements, including logos, colors, and visual elements. This helps build brand recognition and familiarity among customers, increasing the visibility and memorability of the brand.


Some benefits of choosing a customized cleaning solution include

  • Personalized Service: Clients can tailor the customer and team flow to their needs and preferences, ensuring their unique requirements are met.
  • Efficiency and Effectiveness: By focusing on the areas that matter most to the client, a customized cleaning solution can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the cleaning process.
  • Flexibility: Clients can adjust the cleaning schedule, frequency, and scope of work based on their changing needs.
  • Cost-Effective: Tailored features and functionalities that meet the specific needs of a cleaning business while offering efficiency and value for money.

As experts in tailor-made appointment scheduling apps, we understand that the cost and time required for development depend on your requirements and desired features.

We invite you to fill out our inquiry form to understand your project better and provide a clear idea. Following that, you can schedule a consultation with our experts.

During this consultation, we will discuss your vision, gather detailed requirements, and provide you with insights and recommendations for your project.

Ongoing support from our side for a customized appointment scheduling solution includes technical assistance, bug fixes, software updates, and feature enhancements.
The support team ensures the smooth operation of the software and addresses any issues or questions that may arise.


If you are a small or big on-demand cleaning service provider, our customized, subscription-free cleaning mobile app solution is essential for expanding your customer base and growth. NetMaxims app solution empowers all stakeholders, from service providers to customers, in all cleaning services.

Partner with our custom mobile app development company to capitalize on emerging trends, technologies, and innovative practices in the cleaning industry. We’ll optimize your operations, enhance your services, and develop a comprehensive business plan with our bespoke solution. Together, we’ll navigate challenges and maximize profitability.

Take advantage of this opportunity to position your cleaning business for success. Let’s thrive in the evolving industry ecosystem together.

Talk to us. Know more about customized app

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