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Online Clothing E-Commerce Business : Startup Ideas (2022)

Taru M. Taru M.
Published: 13 Apr, 2021

Online Clothing E-Commerce can maintain a website to promote its products and to sell its products. Customers can also purchase fashion products from the website.

Since the world is fighting covid-19, it is the right time to bend the traditional business rules and start an online clothing eCommerce business.

These days nobody wants traditional “brick and mortar” business units where the owner’s influence remains restricted to that particular area. Why would one not wish to take his business online to increase its reach to different markets?


To add the cherry on the cake, Online Clothing E-Commerce business opportunities help you connect with leads that are the most interested in your business in the most efficient and cost-efficient way.

Now many of you may be wondering that it is too complex to start an online business. Well! You are wrong for good! We have come up with some easy steps to guide you well to begin your Online Clothing E-Commerce fashion industry.

6 Easy Steps that Guide us on How to Start Online Clothing E-Commerce Store

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Online retail is a booming business with just the one-time task of designing a website for your business unit, and all your work is done. With these simple 6 steps, create an online store and start your Online Clothing E-Commerce business free from the hustle-bustle of an offline store.

1. Domain Name

eCommerce fashion industry


The first and foremost task for Online Clothing E-Commerce website design is to choose a domain name for your website. Remember, online stores need to have a virtual address, and a domain name is an integral part of this address.

Choose the name that will attract a large customer base while being sophisticated enough to represent your business unit’s image. While choosing a domain name, note down the following points:


1.  Make sure that the domain name is easy to remember and pronounce.

2. It must have a .com extension.

3. It should be SEO friendly and easily found when searched on search engines like google and more.

4. Special characters like # and more must not be in the domain name.

5. Short names should be preferred over longer ones.


For any Online Clothing E-Commerce business, one needs to buy a domain name. Hence it becomes compulsory to be unique other than being eye-catching. To get more apparent with the idea, let us consider if XYZ is your business unit’s name and choose a domain name like or alike.

2. Build an Online Clothing company

online clothing business opportunities


Though it may sound like a little complex task to build an online clothing store, you have plenty of platforms that may help you do this task. Now you don’t need to worry about coding and decoding.

Most of such platforms provide different templates to add to your website and customize eCommerce website design as per your taste. Find a template that includes all the features that you would want to have on your website.

Platforms like Shopify simplify the task of building eCommerce website design. With easy dragging & dropping web elements, you can create a website from scratch as per your requirement.

Make sure that you design a website so that it is flexible enough to make any adjustments in the future to meet the vision you have for your business unit. You need to follow simple steps to build a website that is as follows:


1. Create an account with basic details of your business unit.


2. Connect the custom domain, and your website address will look like


3. Choose a theme for your website that suits best to your business style.


4. To receive payments from customers, you need to set payment procedures like PayPal, WorldPay,, and more. It is essential to realize that before setting up a payment procedure, the business unit should have an account with that payment gateway to access the same to make a payment.


5.  Add a description of the product you sell along with the product’s images to let your customers know what they are purchasing and what you are offering to them. These product descriptions play a vital role in describing your products and attracting customers to buy your products. Better to get the description right. Also, pictures should be of high quality so that customers get the perfect idea about the design and colour of the clothes that you are selling to them.

3. Buying Inventory

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Obviously, if you want to sell clothes, you need to purchase them first and then sell them at a marginal profit. After creating an Online Clothing E-Commerce business unit, it is essential to source the target products.

While choosing the source, try to buy inventory at the best possible price and then sell it at an actual price keeping a marginal profit for yourself.

Remember, the cost of products plays a substantial base to develop a customer-owner relationship. You may plan to source inventory from either your own country or internationally, depending upon your choice.

One of the main benefits of Online Clothing E-Commerce business opportunities is that you don’t need to stock your entire inventory before the customer buys it. You can let the customer choose the product and then place the order for the same.

This way, you don’t need to make a high investment at the start of the business and start with less money. However, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while shortlisting your product suppliers:

1. The product quality of a supplier is certified.

2. Private labelling capability for the product.

3. Production and the supply capacity.

4. Terms of payment.


While thinking of an inventory, one may think of the warehouse to stock all these items. Well! My suggestion for you is to first check out the response from customers and then, depending upon the response, choose the size of the place to store the same.


Let the priority be initial sales, till then buy less stock and store it someplace that you already own. Also, less supply of the clothes at the start of the business helps us understand our target customers’ taste. Once you get well familiar with the taste of customers, you can increase the order volume.

4. Delivery Partners

how to start an online clothing store


One of the main reasons for eCommerce development’s success is that buyers do not need to go down to the market to purchase the product. The buyer can choose the product online and wants his product to be delivered right at his home. Find a courier partner that would do the job of picking up & delivering orders for you. FedEx, DHL & UPS are some of the delivery companies you may be looking for great reviews.

5. Legal Documentation

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To grab any of the online clothing business opportunities, it is essential to get legally registered in the business world and get your business unit’s legal identity. Some of the basic steps to authorize your eCommerce clothing business unit are as follows :


1. Name your business with a unique name.

2. Register your trademark.

3. Register with the tax authorities of your country.

4. Open a business bank account.

5. Get the import license only if you plan to source your products internationally.

6. Market eCommerce Site

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The difference between offline and online clothing stores is the discoverability factor. You first need to make people aware of your online store and then attract them to buy your products. For this, advertise your website online on a different social platform, especially where you can reach your target audience. If it’s Facebook, put your money there. If it’s on Instagram, promote the heck out of your new online store there.


Discovering your online clothing store from different sites and checking out clothes collection right simultaneously is one feature that makes an online store a success. It would be best if you had real people visiting your store to buy your clothes.


Figure out which social your target customers usually follow and advertise your online store right there. Unlike traditional advertising methods, today’s marketing methods are more targeted than ever before. Also, keep on updating about your product reviews and products on different social platforms so that customers get a clearer picture of your online clothes store.

Sneak Peek at the Key Highlights for the Success of the Online Clothing eCommerce Business unit 2021:


To make your marketplace count and gain a competitive advantage, imbibe characteristics like withstanding higher loads, streamlined site design, intelligent content delivery, and a mobile application for your online clothing eCommerce business unit. In addition to these, eCommerce website design should be customized in such a way that it acknowledges the following features:


Top features of Online clothing store



Developing a marketplace is a task that requires a versatile viewpoint, and starting any business is a big gamble. But with an online clothing eCommerce business unit, we can increase the reach to a large base of our target customers, improve the company image with continual upgradations and eventually gain more profits. Numerous online business models allow flexibility at an affordable price, and when backed with a perfect business plan, an online store will be a sure success.

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